Monday, December 10, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Today is my dad's 86th birthday! Growing up we had the tradition of putting up and decorating the tree on Dad's birthday, which we loved. Even though our family puts the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving( Scott has some extra work off so it's convenient; and we're overly excited for Christmas), whenever the 10th of December rolls around, I remember being together and decorating the tree.

I love Christmas! I love the entire month of December leading up to Christmas! I love seeing the snow(it actually snows here in Utah! And on Christmas! I don't recall a single Christmas in the 20 or so I spent in WA, when we had snow), I love the smell of cinnamon candles, and good things baking, I love Christmas lights, I love the red and green decorations, I love making and bringing out neighbor gifts, I love that we get a couple of extra days with with Scott home all day, to be with family, and I LOVE our Savior and am so grateful to have a time of year dedicated to Him and His entry into this world and of giving like He always is giving. People, in general, seem happier and more cheerful during this time of year. It's just wonderful!

We've been listening to Christmas music around around here for a few months already because the kids have been learning Christmas songs on the piano. Actually listening to Christmas songs on the radio started up around the beginning of November. I can't wait until after Thanksgiving. I never could. It just does not give me enough of my Christmas music fill to have it around for only one month.

In the beginning of November, Annabelle asked if we could pull out our play/lego nativity set. I told her that we had to wait to get that out until after Thanksgiving along with all our other Christmas decorations and Christmas children's books. She kept asking day after day until finally Thanksgiving was over and we could pull it out. I like putting it away during the rest of the year for two reasons: 1.) less likely to lose baby Jesus and the other little pieces and 2.) getting them out each Christmas season creates such excitement with the kids that they play with them really well, and for a really long time during that month that they get them out. If we had them available year round, they wouldn't be that exciting and the kids would most likely forget about them like they do their other toys.

Group picture with the wise mens' camel(in Annabelle's hand)

 And here's the tree with our Christmas books underneath. We bought this tree for our first Christmas as a married couple about 9 years ago; I think we picked it up at Rite Aid for $20. It's been a good little tree. We have lots of home-made ornaments from the kids and a couple of years ago we bought some shiny, bright blue ornaments and painted "Y"'s on them to represent BYU. Those are about the only matching ornaments we have. The children love putting the ornaments on and so we let them. They did a pretty good job spreading them out, though we did surprisingly have to move more down low because everyone wanted to stand on the piano bench to add some up top :).

I also love Christmas time because we make and eat cinnamon rolls! I make this whole grain recipe that's SO yummy! I have an overnight recipe so we're going to make them Christmas Eve to eat Christmas morning! Can't wait!!! You can find the recipe on my real foods blog,  here.

And let's end with a Christmas song! A video of Hugh Jackman and two other men doing a choreographed number to "We Three Kings"! I love it! Have a wonderful December!

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