Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving with my dad

 My dad, who will be 86 next week, flew out to visit us from Washington state and we got to spend Thanksgiving together. Everyone loved having him here and we're so grateful he came especially since we know traveling is hard on him.
 Dad loved sitting with the kids and he got to hold Nora a lot!

Here's a short video clip of Dad and Nora(I love dad's thick spanish accent!)

And of course, you know I'm a foody so there's got to be some pictures of all the foods we made for Thanksgiving. Several people asked what we did for Thanksgiving this year and if we made the traditional foods; in short, yes we did. But I did healthify a few old recipes. For instance, we didn't put marshmallows in sweet potatoes or much brown sugar. Sweet potatoes are sweet as is which is why they have their name, but I did add a topping with chopped walnuts, unsweetened shredded coconut, quinoa and a little brown sugar. It was the best ever! Seriously, one of my new favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Scott made the turkey, stuffing(my other favorite of the dishes and definitely one we'll need to make again!) and cranberry sauce(which we made with pure maple syrup) and he helped with the green bean casserole (it was hard finding a cream of chicken soup without msg but I did it!). I made the sweet and mashed potatoes, rolls, pumpkin cheesecake, and a holiday salad. Everything turned out fabulous!
Scott brined the turkey overnight

And he stuffed it with fresh herbs, lemons, onions and celery. 
 I'm personally kinda grossed out by the look of meat so I didn't enjoy taking pictures etc, but Scott did a great job and even watched the Chef Brad Thanksgiving Special just for me and followed it, and so I wanted to document it. Oh and funny story, the morning of Thanksgiving once I got in from my jog, Charlie met me at the door and said, "Mom, did you know that we have a dead turkey in the house?" (with a big emphasis on the word 'dead'). I assured him I did know and that I had in fact bought the dead turkey which was even more surprising to him....yeah, we don't eat or cook much meat around our house. 

Sweet potatoes with coconut, quinoa, nut topping

 The whole spread:
And the AMAZING pumpkin cheesecake! Once we each had a piece Scott said, "I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to pumpkin pie after this". Agreed.
 Unfortunately there was way too much for our group and so we were forced to eat the leftovers. I normally have no problem throwing sugary things away, but I just couldn't get myself to do it with this one....and it took me quite some time to make so that made me want to hold on to it even more. I'm normally a one-serving-for-sugary-treats type of girl and then won't have any again for weeks, but we had this for a few days, one serving at a time, and all the sugar really wore on my immune system and I ended up getting a cold and losing my voice which rarely happens to me anymore. The price you pay for eating this way. Oh well. And will I do it again next year? Probably :). See the candied, chopped pecans and caramel topping? Wow!
Here is some of the family just before starting our Thanksgiving meal. Can you tell we've about outgrown our 6 person table? We made a make-shift chair out of the wheat container with a towel on top which is what Scott is sitting on in this picture :). I know, we're super fancy around here.
We took dad up to temple square one day after Thanksgiving to see the lights and we got to stop in on an old friend my dad was close with in Washington but moved back to Utah quite a few years ago. Since my van only seats 7, I drove up with dad and most of the kids and then Scott took two kids with him to the train station and they met us up there by train which they were super excited about. On the way home he took two other of the children so no one felt left out(Nora doesn't care yet).
Dad with the Horne family

The three oldest outside the Conference Center

And here are some other random pictures from our week with my dad:

Dad trying to feed Jane a tomato...she didn't want it but then she ate all of his lettuce

 The kids got Santa hats out, used Grandpa as their sleigh, and Elisabeth held a red plastic piece over her nose like Rudolph with a cord around her waist and they had a great time!

I made these crescent rolls a couple of days after Thanksgiving. I've made these several times; they are our favorite whole grain roll recipe. I'll share it on my real foods blog soon.
And a couple of pictures of Scott with the girls when they were sitting, visiting on the couch with Grandpa. They were being silly :). I love these pictures.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving holiday! What was your favorite dish you ate or your favorite thing about Thanksgiving this year?


Vanessa said...

Our favorite part of Thanksgiving was being together for 5 days straight. We didn't make anything except a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. And we loved it.

Elisa said...

Vanessa, nice! Yes, I LOVE having Scott home and all to myself(well, I mean myself and the 5 kids :)) for a couple extra days!