Monday, December 31, 2012

Nora's First Tooth

Nora's first tooth came in about a month ago.I tried to get a picture of it a couple of different times but that is not an easy thing to do. I even tried snapping a picture as I gave her a bite to eat, you know, right when her mouth opened up? But that didn't work. Once she saw the camera she stuck her thumb in her mouth and smiled like, "uh-uh. I know what you're up to and I'm not going to cooperate." The one below was the best I could get of her bottom, front tooth.

Last week Annabelle, Jane, Nora and I were down stairs folding loads of laundry while watching an episode of Chef Brad (he cooks grains into every single dish; it's pretty cool). I looked over to Nora and started laughing because she flipped the laundry basket on her head and was happily playing underneath it! See the little toy mirror in her hand and her green ring? She was just having a good ole' time.

During nap time and/or if I get another free moment in the mornings/afternoons, I like to prep for dinner so that I'm not having to stress about it when all the kids are home from school and kids are needing help with homework and piano etc. So I'll do things like chop veggies, prepare the salad, make sure beans or rice are cooked, tortillas made or food is in the crockpot. Then once it's 530pm and I know Scott will be home in 30 minutes, all I have to do is throw things together and then kids will help set the table if they've finished homework and piano and we're good!

While I'm throwing things together just before dinner, Nora is usually awake at that time and wants to be with me(read: cries non-stop if I'm not with her or if someone else tries to play with her...this is her tired and fussy time of day) so I sit her on the soft kitchen mat near where I'm standing and pull out her bucket of toys which will keep her content for about 15 minutes, which is usually just right. I remember the days when I used the kids nap time to read and do whatever I want. Not the case anymore. Hasn't been that way in awhile. Now I use that time to cook, catch up on cleaning and do some school stuff with Annabelle. And I do make sure to set aside about 30 minutes a day so I can keep up my blog, but gone are the days where I get an hour or two to myself. And that's okay with me. I actually quite prefer this. I am so blessed.

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Casey said...

Oh Elisa, I can really relate. I too am busier than ever before and there isn't any more time to relax during naptime. :) You are right though, in that there is happiness in the work. Life is full, but it is full of good things.