Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If You Cook a Pot of Oatmeal

It's Christmas Eve!!! That means tomorrow is Christmas Day!!! This is hands down, my absolute favorite holiday and day of the year! Anyway, just had to get that outta the way. Onto my post:

The other day the kids and I were in the kitchen and I was smiling, lost in thought, putting a scenario that had happened earlier that day, in poetic-ish form :). The kids asked what I was smiling about and so I told them my poem/story: (if you know the children's books, "If you give a mouse a cookie" or any of the others, this should make some sense)

If you cook a pot of oatmeal,
Baby Nora will smell it from inside her crib.
She'll wake up and start to gab,
And so you'll leave your cooking oatmeal and go in to get her.
When you walk into her room, you'll smell something unpleasant,
And so you'll give her a bath.
While the bath is filling, you'll talk and smile with Nora.
She'll get in the bath and you'll scrub her all clean.
You'll wrap her in a towel and step out into the hallway.
Then you'll smell burning food and remember you had started a pot of oatmeal.
You'll run into the smoky kitchen and give a sigh of relief when you see there is no fire.
You'll dump the pot of burnt oatmeal down the drain.
And chances are, if Nora was watching,
She'll want you to cook her a new pot of oatmeal.

True Story.

And now I get teased about how I burned the oatmeal. That's what families are for, right? I love that we always have a good time together, whether it's playing soccer games in the back together, cleaning the kitchen together or laughing over mom's burned oatmeal together. Never a dull moment in the Smith home :).

Two exhausted sisters fell asleep on their dad while watching the Christmas Devotional
Merry Christmas!!!

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