Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Tree Angels

 Three or four years ago we started a tradition of making Angels to put on our Christmas tree. But they're not just any angels, these angels are special because each member of the family has their own angel and has written on their angel a gift they will give Jesus this coming year. We made our angels for a Family Home Evening activity a couple of weeks ago and before we started, we got out our angels from previous years and read what we had written which was fun(I keep them in envelopes with the year written on the outside in a white box that I keep with our Christmas decorations).

 Usually the kids gifts go something like this, "I will be nice to my siblings, I will read my scriptures every day, I will say my prayers, I will be obedient" etc. This year Elisabeth, our 8-year-old, got a little more specific. She wrote out about 5 different things and I smiled when I read this particular line, "I will try to eat the food my mom prepares and always say thank you" :). I loved it and I told her so! And the really great thing is that she's at the age where she actually remembers and works on these different things. And I'm so glad because she tends to be our pickiest and therefore our whiniest at the dinner table. I expect great things at the dinner table this year and have already seen a difference in her just these past two weeks since we wrote out our gifts. (I know it seems more like a gift to me, but she's trying to be specific in how she can show obedience and love and I think this is perfect.)
 After they finished writing(the younger ones colored them too) on their angels, they stuck them on the tree.

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