Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Concert

The last time the kids were off-track from school, we made a visit to an assisted living center and made a few new friends. We've been back a couple of times now to visit with our friends and make some new ones and the last time we went during dinner time and Elisabeth and Charles put on a mini Christmas Concert, playing Christmas songs on the piano in the dining area.
It was so much fun. I think our favorite part was after the concert when we were able to go around and talk to the people at each table.  And we made sure not to forget a single table. The kids adored all the attention! And these kind elderly folks sure loved being able to see and hug these cute little children of ours. Elisabeth surprised me by totally opening up, talking loud and clear and giving several people hugs! She's typically our shy child, but that wasn't the case this night.
Charles was so excited to find our friend Don, and Don introduced us to his good friend 'Charlie'(another elderly man who eats with Don in the cafeteria regularly). Charlie asked our Charles if he was as big of a trouble maker as himself and then he called himself the 'riff raff'! We had so much fun!


Ben said...

That is so cool! The kids look sharp! I guarantee they won't remember all the presents they got, but they will remember this. :)

April said...

This is so fantastic, E. I used to sing at resthomes as a kid. I want to do this with my kiddos someday. Thanks.