Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Mrs. Graves on the left, Lisa from Udot and Elisabeth shyly accepting her bike
 Every year, Udot does a drawing for kids to win a bike and helmet and a few other things. In order to enter you must be a student at the elementary school in their district, and you must walk/bike to school for at least a few weeks prior to the drawing; which is no problem for my kids because they walk/bike almost year round. My kids always enter the drawings and Elisabeth actually won a couple of years ago and so we were surprised when we found out she won again! When Udot called to inform me, I told them she'd won before so if they'd like to pick someone else that'd be fine with us, but they still wanted to give it to her. And so she got another new bike, this one bigger than the last so it'll probably last her through elementary. I told Elisabeth since she has such good luck, she should probably not enter the contest next year so others have a chance :). At the same time, with three younger sisters, these bikes will be VERY well loved.
Elisabeth with principal Jacobs

 Charles was happy Elisabeth got a new bike because it meant he could ride her other one since his bike has been down for over a month. We've tried to fix the flat a couple of times to no avail. It looks like we'll need to replace the tire. And allow me to clarify; he's happy to ride it around the house but there's no way he'll take it to school because it's a girl bike :). Do you like his orange soccer socks?

 We've been trying to get Annabelle to ride without training wheels for months. I especially wanted her to learn once Nora was born so that she could go farther and ride faster while I pushed the double stroller on walks. But she just wasn't ready. When Scott took her training wheels off and we tried to help her along by holding on the back and running along with her, she wouldn't budge. She'd just sit there and cry. So we put one training wheel back on and she would occasionally practice riding with her one training wheel, but not very often. She was not motivated.  Then about a month ago I told Annabelle that once she got her training wheels off and could ride without them, we'd have a party for her. Well, that did it for Annabelle. She spent a lot more time out on her bike practicing with her one training wheel. A couple of weeks ago she asked us to take the training wheel off again, but we didn't want to take it off when she wasn't ready and then have to put them right back on again so we asked her to practice more. Finally, this past weekend she asked again and when we said the same thing she went back outside to practice and a minute or two later Elisabeth came running in and said, "Mom, she's ready! You've gotta come out and watch this!" And this is what I found(you can watch it on a short clip here):

Yep, Annabelle was riding in circles at an angle over and over again not allowing the training wheel to touch the ground! I thought it was pretty hilarious. Good job Annabelle!

 And so now they are off. And she is free and can ride so much faster and can go a lot longer without getting as tired. I now have to jog to keep up with her whereas a week ago when she had the training wheel on, I'd pause during my walk every few minutes so she could catch up.
 That night, as promised we had a little party for her. Elisabeth made this banner that says, "Great job learning how to ride a two wheeler!"

 And Scott persuaded Annabelle that Christmas sugar cookies would be a good way to celebrate :). We had to open a can of white flour from our food storage since I don't keep it on hand anymore.
 After they each had 2 sugar cookies, we froze the rest and went for a ride in the van to look at Christmas lights!


Angela said...

Hooray for Annabelle!!

Vanessa said...

Congrats to Elizabeth and Annabelle!

The Horne's said...

Wow, she is REALLY ready in that video! Love it :-D SO funny!!!