Monday, November 5, 2012

Talent Show

Our ward held a talent show a couple of weeks ago and a few member of our family were involved with that. Elisabeth played, "Never Smile at a Crocodile" which is from Peter Pan and it seems to me that it's the crocodile or Hook's theme song. Here is a short video I took of her playing it on our piano at home:

Charles played "Pop, Goes the Weasel" :)! They both practiced hard to memorize their pieces and they both did very well. Just for records sake, Charles is now in Level One Bastien books for piano, and Elisabeth just started Level Three. Here is a short clip of Charles playing his song on our piano at home.

And my good friend Maren and I did a little song and dance number. Have you ever seen White Christmas? You know the song, "Sisters" from that movie? If you don't, you can look up "sisters" and "white christmas" on you tube and watch it. Anyway, Maren and I changed the words to make it a song about being Relief Society sisters. We thought it was pretty funny :)! I also have a video of us doing this number at the talent show but I had a friend take record it on my digital camera and I didn't explain how to zoom so we look pretty far away and the loud background music makes it hard to actually hear us so I don't know that it's worth it to put it on here. And actually that's probably a good thing because I get stage fright and I forgot a few words; thank goodness Maren is amazing and covered up for me! Here are the lyrics we made up for the song:
Sisters, Sisters
We are Relief Society Sisters
Always do our visits on the first, yes sir.
No need to worry our supervisor.

Making,  taking every little thing that we are baking
When a certain si-ster got the flu,
I watched her kids, and I made stew.

If there’s refreshment, we’ll be at Enrichment
To learn and bake and knit
No matter our calling, at times we are bawling
Because we have sweet spirits, uh huh.

Our lessons, aren’t complete, without an ela-borate centerpiece
We’re all different ages and stages as you can tell,
But we are united,
and never will we be divided,
Because we live our motto, that charity never does fail.

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Ben said...

They are both doing so well at piano, way to go!