Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Motherly Thoughts

In my last post I mentioned the kids were off of school for three weeks and started back again this Monday. Honestly, I was sad to see them go. Before they left that morning, I hugged each one a little longer, gave each one a few extra kisses, and said "I love you" more times than usual.

 We didn't do anything grand or really spectacular while they were off track this past time, mostly we just hung around here. It was busier for me having them here all day, but busy in a good way.  We always began our days doing chores, practicing piano, etc, and then later in the day we'd play: sometimes it was board games, sometimes crafting, we went to the dollar movie theater one day, they played outside with neighbors sometimes, we had a snowball fight when it snowed last week, and one day the kids colored a bunch of Thanksgiving pictures, the older ones wrote notes on the back, and we brought them to a local nursing home where we gave them to some elderly folks.
 At the nursing home, the front desk gave us specific names and room numbers of people who don't come out much and/or don't get many visitors, and on our way to visit one elderly lady this sweet man, Don, stopped us in the hall and asked if we were coming to visit our Grandma. When we told him that we were coming to see anyone who might like a visitor, he turned around (he was headed to the cafeteria) and said, "come this way!" and he excitedly led us to his room where we visited with him and he shared pumpkin cookies with the kids :). We loved spending time with these good people! The kids soaked up the attention and loved that these new friends were so happy to listen to them and look at their pictures. We promised a sweet old lady, Lorraine, who taught piano for 40 years but can no longer play because her hands don't work so well, that we'd come back soon and play some Christmas songs for her on her keyboard. The nursing home was a winner and an activity we'll definitely be doing again.

The kids with Don, our new friend and a WW2 veteran
One evening during dinner last week, Nora started fussing and was not content unless I held her against my shoulder, her thumb in her mouth; she was very tired. So while the family finished dinner, I took her back into her room and rocked her and nursed her to sleep. As we rocked, I listened to my family clean up the kitchen: I heard the scuttling of feet, sink water running, chairs moving across the floor, that type of thing. And then I listened as they moved out to the living room, as is our routine. Scott played the piano, Elisabeth was singing, Charles was 'roaring' at Jane as she laughed, and Annabelle was in a fairytale land, happily talking to herself. As I listened to all these noises, which combined made the house sound a bit loud and perhaps, to some, chaotic;  I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and love for this little family of mine. I am so happy to be a mother. I am so grateful I have Scott.  I am so happy we have so many little spirits in our home that make life so full of love and laughter and happiness and I'm so grateful we can be together forever, even after death. What a beautiful promise. Life is beautiful.


Vanessa said...

What a sweet post. I like the nursing home visiting idea.

Angela said...

You are such an amazing mama and Scott, a great daddy. It makes me so happy to know that our grandchildren are being raised in such a fun and loving home. They are such happy children. We can't wait to see all of you and have the happy chaos in our home (I think). ;)

Scott said...

I echo Angela's remarks. You guys are such great examples to young parents and to your own children. I know it is a huge challenge raising 5 children. I often regret not doing more with my kids when they were young. I can't wait to see the next generation of parents.

The Horne's said...

This is so beautiful. Yes, those moments, when you sit back and watch your life and are so thankful for beautiful kids, a supportive Godly husband, a roof over your head, I love those moments. It will be over soon and they will be out of the house. I try to soak those moments all in too.
And Elisa, what a beautiful beautiful idea to visit nursing homes. Do your kids love it? Or were they shy? I think that's so great. The elderly love kids I'm sure and the fun they bring. I will have to remember that. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.

Elisa said...

Yes, the kids did love it. In fact, we're going back today to visit Lorraine (the former pianist) and the kids have been reminding me about it every day this week! They were a little shy at first, but as soon as the elderly folks offered them cookies and halloween candy, the kids opened right up!