Monday, November 26, 2012

First Snow

There is something magical about the first snow of the season. A blanket of white covers the earth and muffles sounds making things seem a little more clean, peaceful and less busy.

The children spent as much time as they could playing out in the snow. I got to do some extra baking while they played. We also had a lot of wet clothes and the dryer was constantly running.

Charles made a few snowmen.

And he and I had a snowball fight. The older he gets the more of a challenge it becomes for me! He's fast, good at taking cover, and has a pretty good arm!

 We went sledding.

 And we warmed up by the fire.

Now the snow has melted and it's in the high 50's once again. Snow, we hope you come again soon.

*as a side note, we hadn't used our fireplace the past 2 years because it started smoking when we turned it on so we needed to get it maintenanced. But we finally had someone come in and we got it up and running again just in time for the cold. I found a nice screen cover at Savers for $12 which I was really excited about because we needed one since the glass gets so hot and they're normally a lot more than that! It was a blessing from the Lord because that was my first trip to Savers and we went in search of carry-on luggage (which we found) and on my way from the luggage section to the register(I don't like to shop around when my kids are present, which they were) this screen caught my eye; the only one and it goes perfectly with our living room!

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