Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Army Tank Cake

 Last week I made an army tank birthday cake. Most of it was done in butter cream with a few fondant details. I made a half batch of marshmallow fondant which made the army guy on the top of the cake, stars, covered the preztel rod gun, and made the tread which went under and over the golden oreo cookie tires. I made the army guy cake topper and the pretzel gun a couple of days before I made and frosted the cakes so as to spread out the work. 

 I used three cake box mixes; they made a sheet cake and half of a ball cake.
 I found a picture of a Nato army tank on google images (thanks kelley and jericho for the tip!) and then had that picture up and tried to carve the cake accordingly. By the way, it helps if your cake has chilled a bit before you carve.

 I colored and rolled out the fondant, cut it in strips and then took a skewer stick and made indentations along the sides.
 On top of the tread I put a piece of cardboard which I cut to size and which covered most of the you can see I left a spot in the front and in the back of the cake. I covered it in frosting before I laid it down on the cake.
 I put a thin layer of frosting over the golden oreo tires and put a dab on the back so they'd stick to the sides of the cake
 You can cover the pretzel rod in fondant a day before, but don't actually stick it in the cake until an hour or two before the party because if you leave it in over night or for several hours, the end will collect moisture from the cake and the pretzel rod will bend and fall over in the middle of the night and then you'll find it that way in the morning an hour before the cake is being picked up and you'll need to quickly make another....not that that happened to me :).
The 'sand' is brown sugar. I piped an edge around the cardboard top and the base of the top part of the tank with a tip 12.


Lindsay said...

The cake was amazing Elisa! Seriously, you have amazing talent. Thanks so much!
And I will get you those pics--they are still on my camera.

kelley said...

It turned out great! I was so worried that the color would be hard to do without looking a little gross but it looks so yummy! Maybe I'll make one for Jericho's next bday.