Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Pictures And A Crazy Day

 We had our family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.  The day we took the pictures was a bit hectic. It was a weekday so Scott was at work, but all the kids were out of school. I had to do an emergency run to Costco (read: I ran out of spinach, amongst other things:)), I needed to take back a shirt and find a new one for Nora in a bigger size that she'd be wearing in the pictures, and the night before, we discovered that the only jeans that fit Elisabeth had holes in them, so we needed to pick up a pair of jeans for her as well. But have you ever taken 5 kids (including one baby and a 2 year old) shopping in a small clothing store? No, you say? Allow me to paint you a picture: 8 year old Elisabeth needs help finding jeans that fit. I'm walking around with a baby in my arms that's seemingly growing heavier by the second because I've already been carrying her for the past 30 minutes while we were making a return at another store. While I'm pulling a couple different pairs of jeans off the shelves, so is Annabelle, and Jane and they're holding them up and twirling around, while knocking items off other shelves. I stop what I'm doing and quietly ask them to put those down and not touch anything. They do as they are told because they're obedient little children(ha!) and then they begin to run around the store in circles, running in and out of clothing racks, crawling on the floor, bumping into get the picture. Elisabeth is in the changing room calling me to come look at another pair. Which didn't fit! So I have to go back and bring her more choices. I pull Charlie aside on my way to the jeans section and ask him to please watch Jane and keep her from taking things off shelves and from running everywhere. He obeys and runs off(literally runs) to find Jane which makes her squeal and laugh and she takes off running even faster and now I have three of my children running around this store, in and out of people and under clothing racks and I've got a baby in my arms and feel quite helpless and a bit overwhelmed and frustrated. I apologized to the employees who were eyeing my children and a couple of them came over and helped Elisabeth find what she needed so they could get us out fast, I'm sure. And I am grateful.

But we're not done. After clothing shopping, I still needed to stop at Costco. I shouldn't have, I knew my kids were hungry and tired, but Costco was so close and I really needed some things because I'd been avoiding this all week, and so we went. My arm was killing me from holding Nora for so long so I brought in her car seat and put it in the shopping cart, which was not okay with her. She screamed while I quickly ran around the store, three of my other children either in the cart or hanging on the sides, Elisabeth walking beside us, and I'm trying to grab everything off of my list while not running into anyone, and because it's Friday, that's not an easy task. About halfway through our list, I took Nora out and held her while we finished shopping so she wouldn't scream, and Elisabeth helped me push the cart around(she's a gem!). I got more, "your hands are full, aren't they?" comments, than usual. Probably 5 during that one trip to Costco. But that really doesn't matter. Anyway,  we made it and got screaming Nora back in the van and we took off for home.

When we got home I asked all the kids to help bring groceries in while I changed Nora's diaper and nursed her to sleep because she desperately needed it. We had bought a couple of the large containers of Adams peanut butter and I asked Elisabeth and Charles to each take one downstairs to the storage room. While I was nursing Nora in her room, I heard what sounded like someone crashing into the storage room door and then Elisabeth yelled, "Charles! I'm telling Mom!" A moment later, Elisabeth quietly opens the door and whispers, "Mom, Charles was running around with the peanut butter and purposely crashed into the door and it fell out of his hands and dropped on the floor and it opened and there's a lot of peanut butter on the floor." I quietly thanked her for the information and asked her to wait downstairs and that I'd be down in a minute. When she shut the door and I was alone with my thoughts, initially I was mad and tired. Mad that Charles wasn't being careful and probably did that to make the girls laugh. But then another feeling washed over me. Peace. Almost instantly I felt the stress that was building inside begin to melt away.  I let that peace come over my body and I saw, in my  mind, me, walking down the stairs calmly, cleaning up the mess with Charles while talking to him about it, kindly and in a loving way. I felt comforted and warm inside and I knew that if I followed that prompting all would be well. So I said a quick prayer of thanks, laid down baby Nora to sleep and walked downstairs to assess the damage. There was about three cups of peanut butter and oil on the carpet near the door to the storage room; at least someone had thought to pick up the container and set it upright on a higher surface. I went back upstairs and grabbed a wide spatula, a cookie sheet with no rim, carpet cleaner and a rag. I went back downstairs to where the kids eyes were fixed on the puddle of peanut butter, and I scooped what I could up onto the cookie sheet, sprayed the carpet and asked Charlie to help me scrub. As we scrubbed together we talked. We talked about why this happened and how something like this could be avoided in the future. I then told him that the amount of peanut butter on the floor was probably worth about $2-3, and that in order to make up for that loss, I'd like him to earn that money by doing some extra chores for me later that day, which he agreed to. Whew! Thank goodness the rest of our day was fairly uneventful, besides the pictures of course :). Lindsay, our photographer, did a great job! It's hard doing pictures with young children, trying to get them to look at the camera and if possible, smile, but she did it! 

 I love this one:

We are so blessed! I am so grateful I have Scott, and I am so grateful we have these five wonderful children who make life so full and enjoyable.


Vanessa said...

You are a wonderful Mother, Elisa. Thanks for sharing this post. As I read your blog, I sometimes wonder if you ever have crazy days like this, because everything always seems relatively calm in your life.

Elisa said...

Vanessa, Yes, we do have crazy days too(LOL!)! :) Thanks for your nice comment!

kelley said...

Kuddos on keeping your cool for that crazy day.
The pictures are so cute! I love the on of the girls kissing Charlie!