Monday, October 29, 2012

Nora is 6 months old

Awhile ago I started a pattern to my blog posting: a new post on my blog every Monday and Wednesday morning (and every Wednesday morning for my food blog). I plan to continue posting every  Monday and Wednesday for quite some time, so be sure to check back on those days!

Nora is 6 months old! I can hardly believe it! This is just so, so sad! Time seems to fly by at such a rapid pace right now! Sometimes I wish I could stop time all together. But alas, that is not possible, and so instead, I do my best at capturing moments in time with my camera, and then combine those pictures with words and post them here on my blog. Once January rolls around, I'll have these posts of our family life published in a book for us to keep in our living room on our bookshelf(with the 5 others we've published in the past) where we see it daily, and where the kids frequently enjoy pulling them off the shelves and browsing through them. As some of our children have grown old enough to read, they enjoy going back and finding posts about when they first learned how to do something, when they were born, birthday posts, etc. Keeping up with my blog means I have to spend a good amount of the very little free time I get, blogging, but I'm glad I do; I'm glad that we will always have a record of our family.

Okay, let's get back to Nora since this post is dedicated to her. Nora is such a joy and a blessing in the life of our family. She is so loved.

The kids are still so in love with her and want to hold her and kiss her all the time, but so do mom and dad, so we take turns and she gets passed around whenever she's awake, getting lots of kisses and interaction time from lots of different people; and perhaps this has to do with why she is such a social baby.

Nora loves when people look her in the eyes and talk to her. She loves getting kisses and giving wide, open mouthed, slobbery kisses(which I adore!). She loves spitting raspberries, especially if you'll do it in return.

Nora is sitting up now. Not perfectly, so we either have pillows all around her or a person sitting behind her, but she is doing really, really well.

 Nora is nursing every couple of hours when she's awake during the day, plus she'll have some mashed up sweet potatoes when we eat dinner and many times something else during the day (oatmeal, bananas, squash, applesauce etc).

Even though Nora is not crawling yet, she can roll where she wants to go, and she can get there pretty fast. We can no longer leave her on the middle of our bed unattended. The other day I laid her down on my bedroom carpet while I was in my bathroom fixing my hair and makeup; I had the door open so I could still see her and hear her. While putting on my makeup, I looked into the mirror to the area where I had left her and where I thought she would be, but she was no longer there. I turned around and went out the bathroom into my bedroom and looked around and then saw a movement in the corner of my eye. I looked down to the side and there was Nora's head, poking out from underneath my comforter, under my bed! Silly Nora; we sure love you!


The Horne's said...

LOL Elisa, yes, the other day I put TJ on the floor and went to go grab something and when I came back she was GONE. She had rolled uder BK's bed. Silly girl! Taylor barely sits up, but she can with support. But she's definintely crawling...just not the standard crawl. She pushes with her feet and scoots and pulls. It's so cute. She's determined. I cannot believe our babes are 6 months.

Elisa said...

Heidi, aren't you loving this age though? I love all the smiles and giggles I can get out of sweet Nora!