Monday, October 8, 2012

Mostly Nora

This first picture here is a little random to the post, but I didn't want to give it it's own post either. I guess it shows a little bit of my quirky behavior since I took this picture to show Elisabeth what the back of her hair looked like. She's learning how to do ponytails herself and so she did it up in the morning before school and then sat at the piano to practice.  I asked her if I could smooth it over a bit and she said no. So I took a picture of it, showed her, and then asked, "Are you sure? I mean, If you're fine with it then that's okay, but I just want you to see what everyone else sees." She let me smooth it over again.  I suggested she continue to put it in a ponytail each day and then allow me to give her a few pointers as I help smooth it out. She did a pretty good job but it'll take some practice before she gets it just right. Okay, now onto the other pix, most of which are of Nora!

 Nora is rolling all over the place! I can no longer leave her in the middle of my bed while I am getting ready because she'd roll off in a matter of seconds. So instead, I set her on the bedroom floor :). Here is Charlie playing with Nora, trying to get her to roll to different sides.
 He has such a special relationship with both Jane and Nora. He loves being their protector. He has a good relationship with Annabelle and Elisabeth too but they're much closer in age to Charlie so theirs is more of a mutual friendship than that of a guardian and protector.

And here Nora is looking up, distracted by Dad who is in our bathroom putting in a new faucet!
See! Oh but I forgot to take a before and after picture of the faucet but it looks great in it's brassy new color! Scott is amazing, as always! Such a hard worker.
 Nora is teething. She constantly has her hands jammed in her mouth. She can almost fit the whole thing! Pretty amazing to see.

Nora just started eating solid foods this week(she's almost 5 1/2 months). So far we've tried some butternut squash which I steamed and pureed, mashed avocados, and oatmeal. The avocados and oatmeal were a little too thick. I think I might try a box of the baby boxed oatmeal next time, if that makes sense :). It's thinner and the oats are a lot smaller. I don't even know if it's really oats...they seem too flaky. I guess I'll look into that first.
 I know it looks like she didn't really like the solid food but she actually ate quite a bit of the squash.

 And I tried giving her some water in a sippy cup, which she loved! Other than that, we're still nursing around the clock which I'm happy about. I'd like to nurse to at least 12 months but we'll have to see because my milk supply seems to have dropped some recently. Love our cute Nora!

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The Horne's said...

It's crazy how quickly you forget what you can/can't do. I went to give TJ solids and had no idea what I was doing, had to read a little bit to refresh! And it wasn't that long ago for me, but I still forget :-D We just started her on Oatmeal cereal this week too. We do oats in stead of rice because there is controversy about rice and arsnics right now and BK got constipated on rice cereal. I think I'll steam up some yams this week and give it a try. TJ LOVES LOVES LOVES watching us eat, and is already a great eater.