Wednesday, October 17, 2012

General Conference

 Here are some pictures from our general conference weekend:
Scott folding laundry during a Saturday session:
 Charlie loading up on snacks:
The snacks(apple slices, cheese, cashews, grapes):
 The girls working through their conference notebooks (found on under tab 'resources' and then 'children')
 Saturday between sessions, Elisabeth had a soccer game. And she scored two goals! We missed the first talk from the Saturday afternoon session(L. Tom Perry), but we listened to it on the computer later.
I made three small loaves of whole wheat gingerbread for us to snack on during another session. It makes the house smell so good! And I was able to puree some of the zucchini from our garden and hide it in this bread! (the lighting isn't quite right in these pictures. The bread looked a bit darker because of the molasses.)
During the last session of conference on Sunday, we pulled out all our Friend Magazine's and let the kids cut out pictures and paste them onto a large sheet of poster paper. They've made these collages a few times now and love it, and it's the perfect thing to do during the last session because by that point in time, they're pretty much done listening and this keeps them in the room with us and gives them something to work on that is filled with good, uplifting pictures and messages.

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