Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ears, Super Saturday Craft and Baptism-Temple Pictures

 Elisabeth had her ears pierced back in June for her 8th birthday. Unfortunately, she has sensitive skin like her mama. They've been infected almost the whole time even though she cleans them daily and only wears her gold pair of earrings. About a month ago she finally took out the gold pair they gave her (which was much later than she had to wait but because of her infections we thought it wise to wait longer), and when she poked her new earring in, we accidentally poked a second hole through the back! So she had two red and bloody holes on her ear. After that experience, she would occasionally mention that having earrings isn't that great. Then over general conference weekend, I pointed out a woman who was speaking that didn't have earrings and said, "she still looks pretty, doesn't she?" Later I overheard Elisabeth talking with Scott in the kitchen. She said, "Dad, I'm going to take out my earrings today and keep them out. They don't make you look prettier and they're painful." Wise girl. That night we took them out, after we had a discussion about how this would be a decision she would need to stand by for quite some time because I'm not willing to see her go through this again soon. I told her if she wants to get them again several years down the road and wants to pay for them herself then she can do that. That was a couple of weeks ago and they're healing nicely. I still have trouble with mine as well and can only wear gold earrings and even then, not every day. Maybe I should follow her example.

 This is a random picture for this post. We had Super Saturday a couple of weeks ago which is a craft day we do once a year, and this is the craft I made. It's paper mod podged onto tin can lids. I think it turned out really cute...and it sure took me long enough! I think I worked on this thing for an hour and a half, and the letters were pre-cut. Oh well. I'm not super crafty(besides cakes) so it takes me awhile.

 I meant to take some photos of Elisabeth in her baptism dress by our temple back in the end of June when she was baptized, but we got busy and then I forgot. We decided to go out this past weekend before the weather turned cold and before she outgrew her dress :). Here she is out side of the Jordan River temple. (note to self: don't try and do your temple photo shoot on a Sunday in order to avoid crowds because the gates will be locked...not that I did that :))


Jacqueline Danis said...

When your daughters ear was heal8ng did it take some time for the redness to go away? Same thing happened to my daughter the hole is closing and it doesn't look infected just a little red and it doesn't hurt her.

Elisa said...

I don't remember how long it took for the redness to go away once she took her earrings out, so it probably wasn't too long...maybe a week or two.