Monday, October 15, 2012

BYU Football Game

 A good friend of ours whose family has season passes to the BYU football games, had four extra tickets this past week and invited Scott and I and another couple we're friends with...and actually, our three families get together fairly regularly to eat/play/visit.  Their invitation also included wrist bands to get into dinner at the stadium in a big white tent, which was a first for us. We all got babysitters for our young children, carpooled down to BYU, ate a fast dinner(because we arrived as the game was starting) and then found our seats. I texted our babysitter a couple of times during the night to make sure everything was okay at home and Nora was still sleeping, which she was. We left a few minutes early and arrived home just before midnight. It was the longest and latest I've ever left Nora so far.
Scott, Aaron and Amanda
 I love this picture below :)! We were not ready for this shot :).
Amanda, Me and Maren

 The guys sat by each other so they could shout together while the ladies watched and visited, mostly about home and family life, and food :). Maren is one of my health food friends who has shared several really yummy recipes with me; it's so nice having a friend in the neighborhood who does whole foods because we can borrow ingredients from each other that most people don't have like different grains or greens etc. And Amanda first introduced me to the 'Our Best Bites' website which is the best food site ever! So grateful for good friends!


Maryann said...

I am envious! I wish we could be that close to BYU. How is it that you and your husband look just as you did ten years ago? You are a handsome couple!

Elisa said...

Ha! If only that were true! Thanks Maryann, you're sweet!

Maren said...

It is just shameful that you put that picture up. Shameful. :)