Friday, September 14, 2012

Yearning for the Living God

 Sometimes in life you'll meet someone or take a class or read a book, that will change your life.  I had one of those experiences recently with a book we read for book club. It's called "Yearning for the Living God" and it contains reflections from the life of an emeritus member of the quorum of the 70(a general authority in our church), F. Enzio Busche. The first part of the book talked about life growing up in Germany during the time Hitler was in power, and then some health struggles and his eventually turning to Christ and finding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(Mormon). From there you get story after amazing story of his life and how he learned to follow the promptings of the spirit and trust in the Lord. Some of my favorite stories were the ones he told about his family life and experiences with his children. I put this book down many, many times so that I could retell an experience to Scott or take notes. When I wasn't reading the book, I continued to think about it.

If I could pull two main themes I picked up from this book they would be:

1. Pray more earnestly and fervently
2. Listen to and follow the spirit. When you are placed in a challenging situation, or a situation where your first inclination might be to snap or to be angry or to teach someone a lesson (angrily),  stop yourself and listen to the spirit and follow that. Take time to listen. Take time to record your experiences. And find humor to lighten the mood when appropriate.

I am so grateful for people like Enzio Busche who live exemplary lives and share their experiences with others so that we can learn from their experiences and better ourselves. I used to be good about recording spiritual experiences every day, but the past several months have been lacking, but after reading this book I am determined to pick it up again. And maybe every once in awhile, I'll share an experience here. 

Since beginning this book, I've found that family life, which was already really good, has gotten even better. Instead of snapping at a child who I felt deserved it (or who had long exhausted ALL of my patience), I stop myself in that moment, ask for help (as in a prayer) and then listen and follow the guidance of the spirit which I've found on several occasions to be opposite to what I would have naturally done. Instead of getting frustrated and snapping, I find myself talking things through with a child in a more loving, gentle and patient manner. I feel a lot more peaceful inside. And you know what I've found, for the most part the child reacts SO much better to this kind of intervention which totally makes sense because it's Christ's way of handling things and He knows best. I'm hoping that through practice, these things will become habitual. Practice makes permanent, right? Loved this book! I need to buy a copy for myself.


Vanessa said...

sounds like a great book, I'll add it to my list. thanks for sharing and recommending it. and thanks for keeping it real.

Krissy said...

I've been wanting to read this! Now, I'm a little more motivated to order it and read it.

April said...

Loved this book! I'll have to read it again.