Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sleeping Downstairs

 Scott and I have temporarily moved downstairs to the queen bed Elisabeth had been sleeping in...she moved back to the top bunk in the bedroom with Annabelle and Jane.

 We moved down there because we weren't sleeping well since our swamp cooler died but because summer was almost over, we decided to just wait out the summer, save a little, and buy air conditioning next Spring. We've been down there the past month. It's in the eightys now and cool enough to come upstairs again, so I'm sure we'll move back up soon. And Elisabeth misses being able to read at night in bed before she falls asleep. I'm grateful we have that extra bed downstairs where it's cooler. Charles slept on the couch downstairs for awhile too, but he's back up in his bed again. Also, our wonderful neighbors offered us their window air conditioning unit which we put in our living room and has helped a ton! Before that, we were all sweating in the living room come 2pm which meant family scripture and prayer time had to be moved down to the basement. Thanks Brian and Maren!
And here are a few random pictures of the kids from the past couple of weeks:

 Elisabeth showing off her temporary temple recommend to get into the Brigham City temple dedication coming up in a couple of weeks. People ages 8 and older can attend this with a recommend.
 Jane eating her hard boiled egg:

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