Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nora is 4 months old!

One minute video of Nora talking:

Nora is 4 months! She had her wellness checkup this past week. I hate those. Even though I know it's necessary, I hate that she has to get so many shots/immunizations. Even though I know she won't understand, I still always talk to her and warn her about what's going to happen. That I'm going to have to hold her hands, and the nurse will hold her legs while she's going to stick her with three separate needles, and it's going to hurt, and bleed a little, but then it'll be done. Unfortunately for Nora, it's not always 'done'. She gets fevers after she's received immunizations. After the two month checkup, the fever only lasted through the night. This time it was with her for 48 hours. Poor baby. Elisabeth was the same way. Other than that, the appointment went fine and the doctor pronounced Nora, "healthy and beautiful, and what good skin coloring she has." Nora does have beautiful olive toned skin. And her eyes are so big and bright. And her hands and feet are so dainty. And her hair is so soft. And she still has that wonderful baby smell. Why, oh why, do they have to grow up so fast?! I hold Nora a lot. I love to look at her and talk with her and take in all of her babyness.

Nora's accomplishments since the two month check: 
she can roll from tummy to back
she laughs
she has soccer legs(meaning, they're really strong)
she talks and coos whenever you look her in the eye
she will take a binky and isn't completely stuck on sucking her fingers ...yet( hopefully she never will)

Nora's 4 month stats:
weight: 13.45 lbs 47%
height: 24.21 inches 49%
head: 15.7 inches 23%

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