Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hike to Cecret Lake

 Labor Day we went on a hike with our friends, Elisa and Mark and their family. We went up Little Cottonwood Canyon and hiked to Cecret Lake. It was about a mile hike round trip. I carried 4 month old Nora in a wrap, Scott had 2 year old Jane in a hiking back pack and then Annabelle(4), Charles(6), and Elisabeth(8) all hiked. Elisabeth and Charles were little speedsters! They kept going ahead of us and then would stop and wait.
Annabelle(left) and Annika. They are BFF :)

Charles playing in the creek

Elisabeth and Charles both wore there BYU shirts

We had a picnic at the lake

Me, Annabelle and Nora

Elisa and Mark

Scott, Me and the babies

Andrew, Elisabeth, Annika, Annabelle and Charles

Jane got out and walked near the lake

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