Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daytime Fun

We signed up Annabelle for swim lessons again, mostly to give her something to do during the day while the kids are gone at school. She does it with her good friend Elizabeth and then there is one other little boy in the class. She LOVES it! Every single day of the week she asks what day it is, and then wants us to count down the days until her next lesson. They're every Tuesday and Thursday. But they end this week which is going to be a very sad thing for her. And gosh, what a difference from her first nightmare lesson she had this summer! She has come a long way in short amount of time.

 A friend from the neighborhood and I switch babysitting each week so we can volunteer in our kids classes. It's perfect because we both have a first and third grader and they are in the same class. So one of us is in the kids' classroom each week, every Monday and Thursday: Monday for Char's class and Thursday for Elisabeth's class. I babysat both days last week while Julie went in. Here is a picture of our kids eating a snack together. They all get along really well.

 Most of my cooking and baking is done during the day and Annabelle and Jane are always thrilled to help. Here they are looking through my new cook book which I love! I've already tried several of the recipes and they've been amazing!
This week felt like Christmas because we got an order from Amazon with my cook book, a hanging closet shoe rack for Elisabeth, and  a new Carter's crib bumper(our other one was old and leaned over and was so short that Nora's limbs were getting stuck in the rail). This new bumper is soft and tall; exactly what I wanted. I need the softness because otherwise my babies always wake up crying multiple times in the night from hitting their head against the railing.

 We also got Nora a new high chair this week since the last one we had went to the dump. We had purchased our previous one for $5 from a garage sale and it honestly wasn't even worth that much! The plastic was all ripped and the cotton padding was coming out. We had to throw the plastic and padding away long before we got rid of the high chair. And it was a monster. So big! This time we got a high chair seat that straps onto a normal dining chair which I like much better. And it's great for a little baby and then converts to a booster for a toddler. I found it at Walmart for around $50 which isn't bad. Merry Christmas to us :)!

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