Monday, September 10, 2012

Camping with the big kids

Over Labor Day weekend, Scott took the two oldest kids camping in American Fork Canyon with a buddy of his from work and a couple of his kids. Before their trip Friday, I ran down to REI (sporting goods store) and bought a bottle of Bear Spray, just in case :). Scott was a little surprised when I told him it was $50, but I reassured him that I thought his life and the lives of our children were worth a lot more than that :). I know I might seem a little crazy, but there really are bears around here, and there was an attack on a child in his tent in that very canyon a couple of years back so I'm not taking any chances. I also said more prayers than usual that night on their behalf.  I was relieved to see them Saturday and to hear that they didn't need to use the spray. It has an expiration date of about four years out so we'll have it in the future. Here are a few pictures from their trip and a few of me and the girls hanging out at home: we watched Pollyanna and had frozen yogurt. 
 The kids still love taking turns holding Nora. And they are very generous with their kisses. Nora is extremely loved. Though she doesn't always seem to appreciate that love, like in the picture below :).
 When Nora is awake, I carry her around like this, in my left arm, so I can still get things done with my right. I should pull out my Moby wrap and carry her around in that, but I don't.

 They got to go fishing during their camp out! Elisabeth even held a fish! Afterward she said she didn't think she'd like to go fishing again because she felt sad for the fish when it got caught and was bleeding. She's like her mom :).

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Maryann said...

Wow! Those pictures of the camp are amazing. I forgot how beautiful the mountains are. Such cute children!