Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another thumb sucker

 Well, it looks like she's settled on a specific finger now. Nora is a thumb sucker like her sister Elisabeth used to be. She pops that thing in her mouth multiple times a day. The good thing is that she can comfort herself and sleeps like a champ during the night. She'll go down around 730pm and I'll go in and get her up around 9 in the morning(I get so full of milk that I need her to nurse). I took the picture below just after I changed her diaper and clothes...she found her thumb and fell asleep while I was wrapping up the diaper to throw in the garbage.
 So I strapped her in while she took a short, 15 minute nap. :)

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The Horne's said...

So cute!! Taylor sucks her left thumb, but only when going to sleep. It's so precious. :-D And yes, very helpful when falling asleep. She never cries, she just sucks her thumb and falls asleep.