Thursday, August 23, 2012

Washington- Girls Night and more

I've been sorting through our pictures from our trip to Washington and wow, there are a lot. Well, I guess that just happens when you don't get to see family often and then you do and there's a lot of family and you want pictures with everyone. And on top of that we finished with a family reunion on my mom's side. So I'm going to divide my pictures from Washington into several parts. Here is the first part, which is basically the first couple of days in Washington.

Elisabeth, Jane and their cousin Bella eating ice cream

I was able to meet up with a friend from high school, Heidi, and her family at a park. Our babies are only one day a part.Later that day Scott and Elisabeth went back to the park and rented a kayak for an hour!

My nieces Lani and Leia

 The next several pictures are from our girls night. While the boys went to a Mariners game, we went out for frozen yogurt, made dinner at home, put on facial masks and then watched, Mirror Mirror. I love that movie!

Oh yeah, and the little girls put on Bella's make up.

Below is my sister Becca; she's two years younger than me and has a much better sense of style and fashion than me. In fact, one my favorite things about going out each year is that Becca saves me all of her clothes she's getting rid of and gives them to me. I hate shopping and don't know how to find great things anyway so I love this. We're about the same size too so it works out perfectly!

Bella, Lani, Bec and me. The face mask was made with tea tree oil so it was a bit tingly.

We went to a new splash park and played around for about an hour. Washington is very woody and we lost Charles for about 10 minutes at this crowded splash park because he had gone off with some little boys into the woods. I was really stressed during those long ten minutes.

Nora and Granny

Whenever we go to WA, we always stop by Mongolian Grill. I love this place! You get to pile up as many veggies and noodles as you can stack in this bowl, you pick a meat(or tofu in my case), rice and sauce and then stir fry it for you. So yummy!

Me and my dad. He's 85 now!


The Horne's said...

Wow looks like the trip was a great one! You guys got some great weather while you were here. I'm also glad to hear that they really did go back and go in the boat at Bothell Landing. :) How fun!

Shelley said...

What a great trip. I also love a little Mongolian Grill when I'm in Bothell. ;) Your family looks like they're doing well!