Sunday, August 26, 2012

Faucets and Friends

While at my parents house, Scott replaced two faucets in the main bath that were having issues. He said doing this and going to the Mariners game were a couple of his favorite things from our trip. Which just goes to show what an amazing man he is: spending time with his son at a ball game and doing a service for my parents are his favorites. Love that man of mine!

We lived in Washington for about a year a half as a married couple, just over 5 years ago. We met and got close with several families in the area. In fact, we did a babysitting swap every week with three other families and sometimes we'd go on double dates with some of those couples. We've kept in touch with a couple of those families and one of them had moved at the same time we did, but first to Arizona and then New Mexico, and then recently moved back to Washington and it just so happened that they moved into my parents ward! So we got together with them one night and had dinner and visited. The kids all found someone to play with and had a great time together. Unfortunately, Jane who is potty trained and who almost never has accidents, just so happened to have one accident on our trip to WA and it was on our friends carpet! Sorry again Monique. Oh and she made us Mexican Haystacks for dinner which I thought was such a great idea, and so yummy! Similar to a tostada but over a bed of rice instead of a fried shell.

Carter(9) and Charlie(6) playing Legos

Makenna(7) and Elisabeth(8)

The girls wanted me to take a pic of their back bends.

Addison(4) and Annabelle(4)

Scott, Me, Nora, Allen and Monique
Andre took some time to hold Nora a few times. So sweet. My kids have such good cousins.

And the last part of our trip was a family reunion in the Tri-cities in Eastern Washington which I'll cover in my next post. It's about a four hour drive from my parents house to that part of the state(and on the way to UT), so here is Jane during the ride, eating some zucchini bread(thanks Becca!) and watching a movie.

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Casey said...

How fun to see you and the Frosts! Sure brings back a lot of memories!