Friday, August 3, 2012

Dinosaur Museum- Thanksgiving Point Utah

 Last week my good friend Elisa L. invited us to go with their family to the Dinosaur Museum. It was Elisa and I and our 8 little children :). Annabelle and her daughter Annika are only a month apart and they love each other.

 They're favorite part of the museum were the two sand areas. One was a water/sand table with toy dinosaurs and the other was a sand digging area.

 I think it's amazing that they are able to find all these bones from millions of years ago and put them together to make a complete dinosaur! So what do you think about the time of dinosaurs and Adam and Eve? Do you think the dinosaurs were here during one of the six days of creation and then were long gone and extinct before Adam and Eve arrived? I know it was 6 days of creating but in God's time it could be that each day was a million years in our time. Thoughts?

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