Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chore charts and counting coins

Whenever the kids are off track or out for the summer, I always make chore charts. Life goes a lot smoother when we have chore charts so that the kids and I know what's expected. Here are what ours look like this time around:

If the kids get a parents signature on every day of the week (which means they completed all items that day), then Saturday evening they get a small allowance. Also, if they want to watch a movie, play with friends or go do a fun activity or craft they have to finish most of the things on the chart before doing so. 

 One morning last week we dumped out all the change in my change jar so we could count it (I've been buying grocery's with cash for the past 6 months or so to help me save money and whenever I get change back, I stick it in this jar which we will use to go toward gifts at Christmas time). This was a fun and educational activity. Annabelle learned all the names of the coins and Charles and Annabelle learned how many of each coin goes into a dollar...Elisabeth already learned this in school.
 Above is Annabelle separating the coins.
 I gave Jane a few foreign coins to play with, stack and plop in a jar while we counted so she wouldn't mess with their piles.
 We counted just over $43.

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