Friday, June 22, 2012

Play, Sleep, Eat


PLAY: Annabelle loves playing this new game where she has Jane lay on her back on the floor, Annabelle will get up really close, on her knees, and Jane will kick her stomach. I know, I know... sounds like a game that would end in tears. But Annabelle and Jane love it and they giggle while Annabelle squeals for Jane to go faster!

SLEEP: Nora is almost 8 weeks now, and around 6 weeks, she started sleeping through the night which means I'm sleeping through the night! Wow, I'm amazed she did that so fast! She'll usually go down sometime between 9 and 10pm and then she'll wake up around 6am, or I'll wake her up at that time if she doesn't on her own because I go running at 630am and I don't want to be uncomfortably full of milk while I run. Then she goes right back down to sleep and usually wakes up around 1030am. I am loving this and feeling completely spoiled.

 EAT: I love this picture of Annabelle feeding Jane. They were sharing a leftover bowl of Peanut Butter Squash Soup. Scott and I normally are SO not squash people, but we got a couple in our Bountiful Basket we had to use and tried them in this new, thick, peanut buttery soup(and scott and I LOVE peanut butter) and it was so yummy!

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