Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out with the old,

the first TV we bought 9 years ago when we were married
  And in with the....old  :)

Our TV has been slowly dying for months. The screen started shaking awhile back for a few seconds here and there. Sometimes you'd have to hit the top of the TV to make it work again. A couple of times the screen went completely black and you'd only get sound. Then a few weeks ago, the screen turned all dark gray and you could only make out big movements on the screen, but couldn't see anything else. The sound worked fine though.

We bought that TV the first year we married, 9 years ago. It was probably around $100 and it did what it was supposed to do, and very well. Now that there are thinner TV's every year with all sorts of fancy stuff added to it, people are selling their big boxed ones, like the one we had, for cheap or free. I was able to pick up this TV(it is permanently connected to it's stand) for free from someone who was moving! It's REALLY heavy and I didn't know it was coming with the stand when I went to pick it up, but luckily they had movers at the house who stuck it in the back of my van once we folded down the back seat....and I had four of my kids in the car....I had to double buckle Jane and Annabelle in a car seat and then Charlie sat in the front and Nora was in her usual spot. I said a prayer as we left and drove very cautiously. Scott and a friend brought it in and it works great.

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