Sunday, June 24, 2012

Molloscum Contagiosum

Last year Charles had molloscum contagiosum. It's a viral disease somewhat similar to warts that we think he got while taking swimming lessons. He actually got it 2 summers ago and when I brought him to the doctor to have her look at it, she told me I had two options: wait it out(it should go away within a couple of months she said), or freeze them off. She said when you freeze them there will be blisters, puss, and pain so I decided to just wait it out. Well, ten months later he still had them and they were spreading. He started out having a few on his abdomen and now there were many more in that area, in his armpit, on his back and even behind his knees. I decided to do some research.

I read that they spread through skin to skin contact, but can also be passed through touching the same towel or clothing. I started washing his bedding frequently and we wouldn't let him wear the same pajamas, or any clothes for that matter, for more than one day before washing them. When he went swimming, I made him wear a surfer shirt to help keep it contained.

I also read into some natural healing and decided to try dabbing a little tea tree oil diluted with just a tiny bit of olive oil, on his bumps. That was the real kicker. After a few days(if I recall correctly), those bumps got bigger and red, were a little sensitive but not bad enough that it bothered him throughout the day or made him cry, and then they went away. I remember putting a bandaid over one because it hurt when it rubbed against his shirt, but that was it.

The last of them vanished about a year ago, and a few of them left tiny pocket-like scars. Anyway, I came across this picture of him with his large and red bumps a little while ago and realized I'd never written about it and wanted a record, so that's why you're hearing about it now... a year after the fact :).

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