Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Coupons

Happy Fathers Day(yesterday)! I'm glad we have a day set aside each year when we honor all the amazing men in our lives. And I have several! My dad and brothers, Scott's dad and brother, and Scott himself are a few who I love and will be forever grateful for.

 Scott reading a book to the kids while breakfast was cooking

 We're not big gift givers around here. We're more of a food and love-note type of family. The kids and I made another 'father's day coupons' book for Scott this year. We love doing this. I had our three oldest kids (ages 8, 6 and 4) and myself make up two coupons each to include in Scott's coupon book.

We each had to choose something that was a service type activity, and then something we could do as a date night activity so we could each get some alone time with him and make this gift last a little longer. Scott redeemed a coupon from Annabelle that day. It said, "I will give you ten kisses". Here are a few other samples.

Scott's requests for fathers day was a BBQ Saturday night(which he did himself...I just cut up veggies and made a fruit tray),

french toast and sausage for breakfast and then for me not to be in the kitchen too long on Sunday :). So, I made overnight french toast so I could just stick it in the oven in the morning and then for dinner we had mashed potatoes and breaded chicken which was actually Elisabeth's dinner night choice and Scott thought that was fine (we do a menu each week and everyone gets to choose one dinner a week). I rarely make mashed potatoes, or have meat as a main dish, and I apparently way overestimated the amount of potatoes to make for our family. I made four normal to large sized russet potatoes, I mean, there are 7 of us though Nora doesn't eat yet and I only tasted a bite because it had dairy, but I think we only consumed a quarter of that. I'm not sure what we'll do with the leftovers.

Molasses cookies are Scott's favorite, so Saturday afternoon I took his favorite recipe, changed the flour for wheat flour, the vegetable oil for coconut oil and the sugar for raw sugar(I used turbinado) and baked up about 2 dozen so we could have some with our BBQ Saturday and some with Father's Day dinner. They turned out great!

I gave a talk in church that day on how the priesthood blesses families.  Scott and our dad's are so amazing that I had plenty of experiences to share. Most of the kids didn't go to their classes that day because a couple of them had gotten 'hand, foot, and mouth' disease/virus last week and we didn't want them sharing any germs in case they were still contagious. So I took them home after my talk and we had a mini lesson/sharing time on Christ in our living room. 

Scott and Nora took a little snooze on the couch before church.
So sweet. And it's funny how babies sleep in what seems to be the most uncomfortable looking positions, like this one where her neck is all to the side.

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