Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family 5k

 This past Saturday our family participated in a 'family 5k' that the intermountain health care facility put on. It was $10 for the entire family and we all got shirts, medals, and a couple other small things in a gift bag, plus a pancake breakfast afterward. They must have lost a lot of money putting this on. I jogged the 5k with a friend and Char stayed with us on his bike. My friends mom walked Nora in a stroller, Scott and Elisabeth were on bikes as well and Scott pulled Jane and Annabelle in a bike trailer.

This little lady is a wanderer. In the past week, a stranger has brought Jane to me, twice! This is the only time this has ever happened to us with one of our children, and it happened twice! In the same week! With the same child! Jane just wanders off and doesn't seem to care that we're no longer with her. The first time was when the whole family was at the library and Jane left the library building as we were checking out, and went out into the parking lot! Thank goodness a woman found her and brought her back inside! The second time was when we were at our 5k. They provided a pancake breakfast afterward and one minute we were all walking together to our table and the next minute we're at the table and Jane is not. Then I see a lady holding her walking toward us. Sheesh! It makes my heart pound to imagine what could have happened! Both times this happened when both Scott and I were present and afterward we talked and decided that it was because we both assume the other must have her. And so, we're no longer going to assume. When we all go out together one of us will take charge of Jane and let the other one know. Thank goodness they were nice, good strangers who happened upon our little Jane both times and brought her back to us!

 After the 5k and breakfast, they had a tot trot where they let the young children do a short race. Annabelle and Jane ran this one and Scott helped them along. The whole event was a lot of fun. We hope they do this again.

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