Saturday, June 2, 2012

Battle Creek Falls Hike

Memorial Day weekend we took the family out for a hike. I carried Nora in a wrap and Scott carried Jane on his back in a kid hiking backpack. We thought we'd hike the 'Y' again (BYU's Y on the mountain), but we decided to try a new one instead. After Scott did a little research we decided on Battle Creek Falls hike in Pleasant Grove. It was beautiful! So much green and you can see streams of water almost through the entire hike. The kids really liked it and it was the perfect hike for 4-year-old Annabelle(our youngest hiker but not youngest child), not too long or hard, about 1.2 miles round trip. At one point we were able to walk down to the falls and Scott took Charles and Elisabeth across the little creek to the other side. Don't worry Grandparents, the water was not deep or fast and even though Scott and the kids walked on top of high rocks to get across, many people were just walking right through the water so they were totally safe.

 I had Nora bundled up really good in her almost looks like it's just pregnant me again :).

 After our hike we ate our home-made lunches on one of the picnic benches, I fed Nora and then we drove over to the BYU Creamery on Ninth for ice cream. I'm still not trying to have dairy for Nora's sake so I didn't get my own but I did have a few bites of Annabelle's which didn't seem to effect Nora's tummy so that was good.

 Annabelle, Jane and Nora conked out on the way home. I love watching babies sleep.

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