Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bake Sale

 Elisabeth asked if she could have a couple girls over one Friday and have a lemonade stand. I agreed. Then we got to Friday and I had forgotten to go out and buy lemonade. So the girls decided to sell the half pitcher full of 100% apple juice we had in our fridge, and also have a bake sale. Then I realized I didn't have any white flour...we don't use it so I just don't keep it on hand. I ground up some wheat flour to use in our cookies and then decided to check our food storage, and low and behold we had a couple of number ten cans of white flour! So we made unhealthy, chocolate chip cookies with white flour and shortening and I just bit my cheek and let the girls go at it. Well, actually, I was there the whole time supervising and slaving over the hot oven in our hot house for a couple of hours, but it was all good and fun.  And the kids were all so happy and involved.

 We live in a cul-de-sac type neighborhood and didn't have many visitors, but they each made a couple of quarters which was better than nothing. And check out those monster cookies. Monster cookies are always so much cooler than the normal sized ones :).
And I found these random pictures of Annabelle helping me make guacamole.

 Isn't she a doll?! And boy do I love guacamole!

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