Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Potty Training Jane

I have sat down at least five different times to write this post, but I'm always getting interrupted: Nora needs milk, Jane needs help on the potty, Charles needs help with piano, Annabelle needs a snack, Elisabeth needs me to get something down for her, the laundry buzzer went off, and on and on. It's nice knowing you're needed, I suppose :). Okay, onto my post:

 I think my least favorite thing about raising young children is potty training. It's messy. There is a lot of laundry involved and I already have so much laundry I can't keep up. All children are different and so far, all four of our children have needed us to change things a bit here and there when it comes to training them to use the toilet. With Jane in the beginning, she would not go pee for me, only for Scott and Elisabeth. In some ways this was a blessing because I could just say, "she won't go for me so I guess you're(Scott) going to have to train her." and that's pretty much what happened. We decided that Scott's week off from work to help me after baby Nora was born would also be the perfect time to work with Jane on potty training. That way one of us could always be home with her during the week and we could help each other out more. And it worked! Jane is now day-time potty trained when it comes to pee, though we're still working on the poop thing. She won't go poop in the toilet. We've had other children do the same thing. Hopefully she'll come around soon.

As for the potty training method we used with Jane, in the beginning we'd just ask her if she needed to go potty and about every hour we'd have her go sit on the toilet and try for a minute. We'd tell her if she got her pee in the potty we'd give her a treat. It didn't really work until I actually pulled something out she really wanted: 100% juice capri sun. We would even bring the unopened juice into the bathroom with us and she'd sit on the toilet and look over at her juice and try. Finally she got it. And the juice helped her to go pee more often and she got a lot of practice. So we went through a box of juice in a couple of days and then I switched to carob chips(they look like chocolate chips and are a healthier substitute for them) and me or Scott would give her a few after each time she went potty. Now, whenever she goes potty she'll ask for them saying, "Chips! Chips!" :)

I think she's only had one pee accident this week and that's when we were outside weeding the garden after we'd finished a long walk. I should've taken her inside after our walk to try to pee, but the thought never entered my mind. When we put her down for a nap, to bed at night, or if we have to run several errands we'll put a diaper or pull-up on her but so far this week, when we take it off, it's always dry...so we're re-using them :). That would sure be nice if I didn't have to buy diapers for her anymore. Here are a couple of pictures of Jane with her 'treats', 100% Juice Capri Sun and Carob Chips.

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Good job Jane!