Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nora is 2 weeks

Nora is two weeks old already! The hospital called last Monday to ask if I was all ready to come in the following morning for our scheduled induction :). I was happy to inform them that Nora had been born almost two weeks prior. I'm SO happy I didn't make it to that date and that Nora came on her own a little early. At Nora's two week appointment she weighed 7 lbs 9 ounces which means she's up 8 ounces and everything else looked really good. Her umbilical cord stub fell off after thirteen days. When they first fall off, the rawish look always worries me, but it's looking much more normal now.

We had so many people bring us meals the week after Nora was born which was very nice. A couple were freezer meals and a couple I just had to freeze anyway because we had so many leftovers from other people bringing meals that we couldn't keep up. We've also had several people invite our kids over for play dates to help ease us into our life with another addition which has also been nice. We've definitely felt the love of the Lord through those around us. One dear, sweet lady who knows of my healthy eating habits went to my blog and made one of my recipes for us and then also brought this beautiful fruit tray. I was touched by her careful planning.

Scott went back to work last week and then my Mom arrived a few days later which has been wonderful. One of the perks of living out-of-state from where your family is, is that when they come to visit, you get them all to yourselves! I love that I get mom all to myself for ten days and nights. She sleeps here, eats here, we walk together, talk, do everything together and it's wonderful. Now, if I could only get her to come a little more often then it'd be perfect.

Saturday we took my mom out for a mother's day meal at a buffet restaurant. We figured buffet would be good so that everyone could get whatever they wanted. Unfortunately, I did not make the best food choices. I've been off dairy for a little while which has helped Nora tremendously, but I wasn't very careful at the buffet. I had bread that was obviously slathered in butter(a couple pieces) and I have a huge sweet tooth, and there were a few desserts that looked really good, which I tried, and they probably all had some sort of dairy, either milk or butter.  I regretted my lack of carelessness later that evening because Nora, who has been sleeping really good for the past week since I moved her into a crib in her own room, was up a lot. She spit up a TON. I mean, completely soaked through all her clothes, all over her hair, everywhere! She also had a huge explosion in her diaper which also went through all of her clothes and everywhere else. This was the first time that's happened. And she was super fussy. Nothing I could do would calm her. I decided I better not give her any more of my  milk for a little while so instead we pulled out some breast milk I had frozen a few days before and fed her that. I had only pumped enough for two bottles, but that seemed to be enough. Scott also made a midnight trip to the store to buy Gripe Water which was a suggestion from my mom and is supposed to help calm babies tummies. I think between those two things(clean, non-dairy breast milk and Gripe Water), Nora started to feel better and was able to calm down and go to sleep. Poor girl. I felt awful that my food choices made her feel that way. And it really was a flashback of the time we had Elisabeth, our first child. I just wish I would have known then what I know now because I'm sure we could've really helped our colicky Elisabeth if I would have changed my diet. Newborns have such sensitive, little tummies that they just can't handle a lot of the foods we eat just takes time for them to develop. Anyway, I'm resolved to be good again, especially if we go out to eat, in order to help our little Nora.

Today was Mother's Day and it was so nice spending mother's day with my mother. I loved being able to prepare vegan meals for her (she's been vegan for a couple of months...and I'm pretty close to following a vegan diet right now for Miss Nora; the only thing I eat that wouldn't be vegan are eggs) and our family on Mother's Day. Mom added a beautiful and delicious Berry Salad to the mix which was perfect. It's interesting that even though I didn't grow up eating like this,and none of my siblings did, most of us are all pretty health conscious now and do a lot of the same things food-wise, even though a few of us live far away from each other. For Mother's Day we had Green Smoothies for breakfast which Scott made for us, Baked Blueberry Steel Cut Oatmeal for brunch, Black Bean Layered Enchiladas with Guacamole and Spinach Orzo Salad for dinner and Berry Salad and Peanut Butter Cups for dessert. An all out delicious vegan spread! I'll post all those recipes with pictures on my food blog;  I plan on making that blog public this week so I hope you follow me there!

Granny, Charlie and the girls in their new matching dresses(thanks Mom!). Charlie also got a matching shirt and tie but he refused to wear it because it is purple which is apparently a 'girl color'. I think he'll warm up to the tie:

Here is Jane, fast asleep on the living room floor(Working around afternoon church on Sunday throws off her nap schedule): 

But she woke up in time to lead the family in songs before we read scriptures together:

Other news from the past two weeks: Elisabeth learned how to do a back-walk-over(and she really, really wants us to sign her up for gymnastics) and Jane is now going poop in the toilet! Wahoo! Sorry, no pictures for that one :).

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The Horne's said...

Can you believe they are already 2 weeks. So crazy! TJ has her 2 week appt tomorrow. I am excited to see what she weighs.
What is that recipe that you posted. I'll look it up on your blog, but I need to know what to look for - the cashews and craisin pasta...what is that, it looks amazing! Your family is beautiful! So fun to see it grow. I think I started following when you were still pregnant with Annabelle! :-)