Thursday, May 31, 2012

No shame

 While I was changing Nora's diaper, Char found me and said, "Mom, you need to come see the mess Jane made." Why they think I want to see it, I'm not sure. I wonder when, or more correctly, at what age, they will just help clean things up themselves instead of showing me. Here is Jane, at the kitchen table, looking over her shoulder at her mom who is snapping a few photos of the mess Jane made with the granola. She must have tried to pour herself a bowl and dumped out a lot in the process.
 Do you think she cares? No. Absolutely no shame or remorse is experienced by this little girl, and instead she just goes back to eating her granola, straight out of the bowl with no spoon.
 And see that granola on the floor? Yeah, she goes on to eat that too. I mop several times a week so I don't try and stop her.
 She eats off the kitchen floor, and sleeps on it too, silly girl!

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