Friday, May 4, 2012

Mr. Mom

(this picture was taken by my good friend Lindsay during Nora's newborn photo session. Many more to come soon!)
Nora arrived 13 days ahead of schedule which means I'd have 14 more days until my mom was here. Scott decided to take off five days of work to help at home. It has been so lovely! We get him all to ourselves for 9 days in a row including weekends! All day Saturday and Sunday morning, when I was at the hospital, he took care of everything: soccer games, meals, cleaning, potty training Jane and everything else. Sunday I came home and he took the three oldest kids to church and came home for part of it to help with Jane who had a runny nose so stayed home with me(it's so nice and convenient to live across the street from our church building so we can do things like that). Monday morning I woke up later than everyone else besides Nora, to find Scott in the kitchen making a double batch of granola, which is something I do weekly, and making me a green smoothie. I came up behind him, wrapped my arms around his waist and said, "Good morning Mr. Mom". And that is exactly what he has been this week. Mr. Mom, and doing SUCH a good job. Really, I think the kids(and me for sure) are going to have a hard time when he goes back to work next week. He takes time to play with the kids every day, takes them to the park, the dollar theater, has helped a ton with meals, cleaning, and he's done quite a few house projects. Look at this veggie pita he made me. It was amazing and I've had one every day since. Sauteed zucchini, bell peppers, and onion with some avocado. So, so yummy!

We've gone on walks together, talked, watched movies, and just have been really enjoying every minute together. I told Scott we should do this more often. Maybe once a year or so he should take a few days of vacation time and have a vacation at home with our family. I know I am so lucky to have him. Not a day goes by when I don't pray and thank the Lord for giving me another day with Scott.

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Lindsay said...

that's got to be so nice to have Scott there with you for a week. but to potty train Jane---wow, that is even better!! What a husband! I need to tell Matt to take a week off and one of his "projects" for that week can be to potty train Amelia :) I've decided I can't hold off on this potty training any more. Amelia throws off her diaper anytime she wets it and she has been in and out of the bathroom all day today, trying to go. I'm thinking she i ready. I'm not, but will I ever be? i think next week is the week. wish me luck!