Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Left foot goal!

Here are a few more pictures from the hospital. Scott brought the kids to visit us twice on Saturday, once before and once after Elisabeth's soccer game. Scott and I were sad to have missed her Friday night game when we were at the hospital because Elisabeth told us she scored a goal using her left foot! That may not seem very interesting to some, but Scott had been working with Elisabeth this past week on shooting and dribbling more with her left foot so we were all very excited! 
 All the kids got a chance to hold Nora a couple of times, minus Jane who had a runny nose. But she has held her since. Once the kids turn to hold Nora was up, a few of the younger ones(I won't name names) started lifting up garbage can lids, pushing buttons to the tv and other things and played hide-and-seek with the semi-circle curtain near the door so their visits were pretty short :). But they loved it and I was happy to see them.
 Nora opens her eyes occasionally and though they seem to be mostly gray right now, we're thinking they are starting to turn a blueish color.

Nora and I ended up staying Saturday night as well and then leaving the hospital Sunday morning. Saturday night I got a lot more sleep because the nurses weren't checking my vitals anymore, just Nora. Nora stayed in the nursery for the most part that night, and the nurses would bring her to me about every two hours when Nora was fussy and needed to be fed and then she'd go right back. There were a couple of reasons I decided to stay another night. One was because Nora spits up a lot and was trying to get rid of junk in her system that she would sometimes choke on and I felt like if we stayed, I could sleep a little more peacefully knowing the nurses were watching out for her and caring for her. And the other reason was I wanted to have another veggie omelet for breakfast! Lol! That sounds funny but I'm not gonna lie, one of my favorite things about staying in the hospital is the food. I really like the food and they always have lots of good menu items to choose from. I really enjoyed being able to just sit back, relax and have the food prepared for me. And they had some vegetarian and vegan options! Sweet!

Oh and by the way, Sunday morning my back was feeling much better(from the two epidural pokes) and most of my pain was gone. I took Motrin a few times but that's it. The the first day, I wished I had more motrin and the nurses and doctor offered me perkiset or loritab several times but I personally don't feel good about taking narcotics so I decided to just deal with the pain instead. And it really was only for about a day or two, so not too bad.
 Elisabeth in her uniform after her soccer game.

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Lindsay said...

ha...those are how are hospital visits always rolled with all the kids visiting. trying to eat my food, pushing the bed buttons to lower and raise it, running around---after about 5 minutes, I would tell Matt he could take them home now :) I'm glad you got to stay another night and get more sleep. and yes, being served food is the best part of being there! i always tell matt it feels like I'm on vacation! ordering drinks, food, asking for whatever I need---heavenly!