Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pirate Treasure Map Cake

This week I was able to make a pirate treasure map cake. I had asked my good friend Lindsay if she would mind doing another photo-taking/cake-making swap because I'd like to have some newborn photos. She agreed. This cake was so fun to make. The size is a single sheet cake, which is equivalent to two cake box mixes. It's done in butter cream and fondant. I covered the chocolate cake in butter cream and made a butter cream shell border around the top(tip 18) and bottom(tip 21). I made one half-batch of marshmallow fondant and used that to make the pirate map that sits on top of the cake, and to make the red stripes going down the sides of the cake.
Lindsay found these cool little pirate guys so we added them on the map, and I had some pirate candles I added as well. All the writing on the fondant map was done with edible frosting markers. I rolled the edges of the map up and then took some brown icing color and painted the edges of the map so it looks a little more aged. I made the map the day before I made the cake which gave it time to dry in the shape I wanted and it worked better timing wise for me as well.


Rachel said...

Elisa that's is such a great cake! I think it so neat that you'll get newborn pics also. You look so cute in your 36 week photo:)

The Horne's said...

So creative! I love it!