Friday, April 6, 2012

Pictures From General Conference Weekend

Here are some pictures I took during General Conference this past weekend:

The kids had several quiet church activities to do during conference. We require them to be in the room with us during all four sessions(minus Jane who we have take a nap during a session each day), and we asked them to sit and listen to at least one talk during each session at which time they couldn't be working on other quiet activities. They all did well and Elisabeth listened to some extra talks and took notes which was nice.

I did our Conference Wall a little different this year. I didn't want to print off all those pictures again this year and use up all my paper and ink so instead I just took our large butcher paper that says "conference wall", and Elisabeth, Charles and I wrote out different topics we thought might be discussed in conference and then they stuck the pictures of the apostles and the first presidency near those topics.
Another new thing we did this year that the kids loved(and something I read about in the Friend Magazine), was I pulled out about 6 old Friend Magazines and allowed the kids to go through them and cut out pictures they liked. Once they had all their pictures cut out, they each had a piece of butcher paper(Scott brought a bunch of this home from work...they just had stuff on the back which worked fine) and they glued their pictures on there, creating posters that we put up in their rooms afterward. They loved this project and were so busy working on them making them look nice. After conference was over we allowed them each to take 2 minutes and tell us whatever they wanted about their posters which they also enjoyed.

We had our traditional girls night on Saturday while the boys were at the priesthood session. I gave the girls pedicures(they thought the foot scrub was very ticklish), we all chose matching toe nail polish in Easter colors(Scott had done mine the week before because I can't reach them anymore) and then we played a few board games and finished off the night watching Cinderella. After the boys watched the priesthood session at the church building, they went over to our local grocery store and bought ice cream sandwiches which has also become a tradition for them.

And last but not least, we finally allowed Jane to move downstairs with the girls this weekend. I say finally because both Elisabeth and Annabelle have been begging to have her down their with them for months and we would always tell them, "when she's two." So of course, the day she turned two they wanted her down there but we resisted a little longer and finally decided to give it a try this weekend. The girls love it! All of them. Even Jane! She's been in there for about a week now and every night when it's time to go to bed Jane starts skipping and smiling and then she'll go down the stairs by herself while calling out, "Night!" We always follow her down a couple of minutes later and tuck them all in and sing them a primary church song, but it's so nice to have had her adjust so easily and happily to sleeping with the girls in the basement. And into a toddler bed rather than her crib. But I still have her nap during the day in the crib and I'll continue to do that as long as possible. Even when her new baby sister arrives, I'll still have Jane nap in the crib and baby can sleep in the bassinet and then the playpen if Jane will keep on napping.


The Horne's said...

I'm really hoping Taylor will transition better into a big girl bed, after seeing BK in one. BK LOVE LOVE LOVES her crib. I think we will have a hard time getting her out of it once TJ is ready to sleep in her own crib out of our room. We shall see. Any tips?!?

Elisa said...

Heidi, Hum, tips? The only thing I can think of is that little tiny babies don't really care where they sleep. So if BK wants to keep sleeping in the crib, I would probably just let her(if she were my daughter) and then move the newborn to a playpen or something of that sort if you've got it and she outgrows a bassinet. Eventually, probably within a year or so, BK will change her mind and she'll get too big for the crib and then the change will be necessary. Anyway, that's all I've got :).