Sunday, April 22, 2012

Melting Pot, Massage, BYU Roommates

Last week was a nice week full of all sorts of activities I was looking forward to. First, Scott and I went on a date Tuesday night. I bought a gift certificate for Melting Pot online several months ago. I bought a 'cheese fondue for two' at half price. We'd never been to Melting Pot before because we'd heard how expensive it was, but I'd always wanted to try it. So I bought the coupon in hopes of using it near my birthday. And that's exactly what we did. We dropped the kids off with Lindsay and Matt and then went downtown. We ended up ordering the cheese fondue and the chocolate(white chocolate of course since I'm now 9 years free of any brown chocolates). Both were were yummy, though I would most likely not go again if we had to pay full was good but it wasn't that good. And I figure it wouldn't be hard at all to make these things myself and for a lot less. With the chocolate, our favorite items to dip were the fruits so if we ever did it at home, that's probably all I'd get to dip. Dipping cake and marshmallows in chocolate, for Scott and I, was a bit much. But the strawberries and bananas were great. I liked that the waiter came with all the ingredients in hand and put it together right in front of us. Being my typical self, I'm mentally calculating how much of everything goes inside: about 2 c broth, an adult sized cereal bowl of grated cheese, a little minced garlic, 1 c spinach, chopped, etc. My favorite things to dip in the cheese were the veggies and bread. We enjoyed ourselves. It was a fun and new experience. And I love any alone time I can get with Scott. It was nice to sit and visit together without worrying about anything else at all.

The next thing I was looking forward to that week was Saturday. Saturday was busy, as usual. I got up at 630 and went grocery shopping to be sure I got that in. It was sunny and beautiful outside so it wasn't a struggle to get up. And it was nice getting a parking spot up close, walking around a not crowded Walmart, without any children climbing in and out of my cart(which I normally don't mind but when I'm nine months pregnant it gets a lot more difficult) or begging for things on every aisle. When the kids come with me, I usually bribe them with their pick of produce, for example, "if you can stay with me and keep your hands to yourselves, I'll let you pick out one item from the produce section". They love this and generally each child has one thing in particular they always go for: Annabelle- strawberries, Charles- blueberries, Elisabeth- a peach or bag of Cuties..though she's not with me very often during my shopping. Once I got home Scott went to get his truck inspected and then we started putting together my new bathroom over-the-toilet cabinet that I used some birthday money to buy. He finished it while I went to my maternity massage which was wonderful. The masseuse and I talked before hand about what I wanted to achieve during our session and I told her a nice massage on my back and then whatever else might help bring on labor :), so she also did a lot with my feet and ankles. She also explained to me what she was doing while she was doing it so that I could teach Scott.

Later that evening, after Elisabeth's soccer game, we got together with my roommates from BYU. Five of the six of us were present which was really fun, two came in from out-of-state for BYU graduation(in the picture below, April is holding up a picture of Ashley, our other roommate who is out of state and wasn't able to attend).  Shayla is the one next to me and she was my room-roommate during our freshmen year at the dorms. Jessie is in the orange and she was my room-roommate sophomore year when the 6 of us lived in an apartment together. Five of us lived on the same floor freshmen year and loved each other so much we wanted to lived together the next year and then we were blessed to have gotten April(in the blue shirt) as our sixth roomy. These ladies literally changed my life. They were and still are an amazing example to me of how Christ like people live their lives and I wanted to be just like them. Three of us got married at the end of our sophomore year which means our boyfriends, then fiances, and then husbands knew each other and so yesterday was a fun evening of reminiscing, love and laughter for us all. Between the 5 of us, we had 16 children there with us.  Jessie took a picture on her camera with everybody, so once she sends it to me I'll add it on here. Thanks Jessie for hosting the event at your house!

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carrie r. said...

Look at all those kids! And babies! Beautiful photo, it's amazing all that can happen in just 8 or 9 years.