Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Celebration

I'm behind in my blogging. I'm at a very busy stage in my life right now, as I'm sure many of you are. Every day is busy. Every minute is filled. Four young children with needs to be met, a house to clean, bills to pay, a family to feed, daily piano practices to supervise, school, sports and lessons to be driven to and from, a calling to fulfill, reading to be done and on and on. Keeping up with blogging is very important to me because I want a record for my family of our day-to-day lives, so I continue to blog and spend the little, precious time I have keeping a record...but sometimes I get a little behind. Anyway, onto our Easter celebrations.

The week leading up to Easter, we pulled out our spiritual easter eggs which you can read more about those by clicking on the link. We did this as a supplement to our nightly family scripture study. We've done this for years and the kids love it. I love that they are learning the Easter story so well.

Saturday morning we went to our local grocery store for their annual Easter Egg hunt. This is another tradition we've had for years. I like that it's indoors and not as terribly crowded as others we've been to. Also, if we get one easter egg hunt done in the community, I don't feel the need to have to put on an Easter Egg hunt at our house which is a bonus. I reminded the kids to go for the non-sugar items and they were wise and followed my instructions for the most part. They each grabbed a little candy, but they know I'll only allow a few pieces and then everything else goes in the garbage. We got half a dozen fresh oranges(so juicy and sweet!), Elisabeth got a roll of nickels, they got pencils and a teddy bear and some other odds and ends. Later that day we dyed easter eggs. Jane didn't last for long. She kept putting her whole hand in the dye trying to get the eggs out and then she'd accidentally drop and crack them when she did hold them with the spoon. Scott distracted her with something else.

Sunday morning the kids woke up and we did our traditional scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets. They LOVE doing this and I'm pretty sure it's their favorite part about Easter. They like going on a mission together and reading and figuring out all the clues. Here are some of the things in their Easter baskets this year(besides the food and drinks, everything else came from the dollar store):
Annabelle: hula hoop, butterfly net, coloring book, princess puzzle
Jane: coloring book, bubbles, sand bucket and shovel, watering can
Elisabeth: coloring book, Bingo game, flip flops with some twisty accents to add on
Charles: sketch pad, Bug Kit, rubber baseball, Snakes and Ladders game

Everyone got fruit leather and 100% juice capri suns, a few got yogurt covered pretzels and animal crackers which I got from the health food store, and Scott and the girls each got peanut butter chocolate eggs(not healthy but a specific request from Scott; he also got a cadbury egg). I always include a 'spiritual gift' and we made it a family gift this year. We got a double feature movie: The Prince of Egypt and Joseph King of Dreams and a couple of 'Liken' cds...I had bought all of these media gifts at least 6 months ago when they were on sale really cheap and just saved them for now.

Annabelle finding one of the clues under the kitchen table. Our rule was that they had to take turns finding the clue(minus Jane) and that the older ones had to let the younger ones try to figure it out on their own before they helped.
The kids huddled together talking about one of the clues, trying to figure out what it means and where the next 'egg' clue was hidden.
They found their baskets in Jane's bedroom(remember she's sleeping with the girls downstairs now; at least at night). Like my high chair in there? It takes up so much room in the kitchen. I've decided I don't want to have a high chair anymore. I like my booster seat better that sits on a chair and doesn't take up extra room. Ugh, and I really just don't like that high chair. We got it for $5 at a garage sale some years ago. The plastic fabric is all ripped and the padding is coming out all over the the place. The bottom support/foot rest is broken and crooked and on top of that, we're potty training Jane and she peed in the cushion. The cushion went directly to the garbage and now we're waiting for the rest of the high chair to go in next. It'll go in the trash once the garbage man takes my old, broken, double stroller away.

I meant to put in mini peanut butter sucanat cookies which I had made earlier that week and froze, but forgot about them. So instead Scott put them in easter eggs that evening and the kids went out hunting for them. I also meant to put seeds for planting in their baskets but forgot. Oh well, maybe next year!
Happy Easter!!!

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