Thursday, April 26, 2012

38 weeks

Boy am I tired! The last couple of days I've woken up between 445 and 5am because of either contractions or back pains and it takes me awhile to fall back to sleep. The result is I'm tired, very low energy and not really wanting to do much during the day. And it doesn't help that the sun was hiding for a good part of the day yesterday. It was still nice and warm(we've been in the 70's and 80's) but I need the sun. It literally brightens my day.

I had my doctors appointment earlier this morning. I've gained about 37 pounds so far which is actually amazing for me! I'm usually up in the high 40's by now, and by the end I usually gain about 50 pounds total. If I can end up gaining ten pounds less than in previous pregnancies, I'll be happy. It means ten less to lose in the end. Even though I am far from perfect on eating the way I want (I'm still enjoying too many sweets with refined sugar, though not nearly as many as before), I think drinking my green smoothies most days and eating a lot of whole foods I make from scratch(meaning not out of the can/bag and not highly processed) has helped out a lot. Also, over the past year, I've really developed a distaste for fast food joints which is also beneficial for my weight and overall feeling of well being. Not that I ate a lot of fast food before, but we'd probably take the kids out once a month to Arctic Circle or some place like that. That being said, nothing has progressed in the past week. I'm still dilated to a two(well he said 2+ so maybe a teensy bit of improvement...but I think he was more saying that for my benefit), 50% effaced and baby is at about a negative two(meaning she's not very low yet). I did have him strip my membranes but since she's so high up, it might not do much. Next week I'll have him do the same and then if she's not here by the 8th of May I will go in for an induction. Mom arrives on the 9th. Yay! Please let the baby be here before then! I feel so ready. She has gotten so big and uncomfortable, it makes it hard to do just about everything. Sometimes I need to remind myself that there are several reasons I like pregnancy: hearing the heart beat, knowing you'll have a tiny baby in your arms soon, trying to understand the miracle of it all, feeling the baby move...until she's huge. But right now, at 38 weeks and me not sleeping well, I'm finding it hard to remember those reasons because I just want her out and here with us.


Rachel said...

Oh Elisa you are doing so well!!! Your my hero, serioulsy. Hang in there and let us know if you need anything! We can't wait to meet her.

mary said...

Eee! So close. The last bit is the WORST - it just seems like you are going to be stuck that way forever. Illogical thinking, but it is seriously impossible to believe it will actually end. But it will ... soon! Can't wait for baby girl!