Thursday, April 19, 2012

37 weeks and Nesting

In the past week I've done all my normal daily and weekly cleaning(dishes, sweep, mop, clean bathrooms, vacuum, tidy house, laundry) plus:

cleaned out the garage
organized our bedroom closet
dejunked and organized girls room
dejunked and organized Charlie's room
got newborn baby clothes out, organized and put away
scrubbed showers/bathtubs
made extra frozen meals for our family to use after I've had the baby(though I still want to make a few more)
cleaned out bathroom drawers
cleaned base boards
spot cleaned walls
redecorated master bath
went through backyard with kids and picked up any trash and toys left out and put them away
Got several D.I. bags together
organized book shelves

These are a lot of these things I wish were perfectly nice all the time, but the truth is, the kids aren't very good about putting things back neatly and nicely(aka, exactly the way I want them) and so even if they do get it in the general area, it doesn't always look nice. There will be clothes hanging out of drawers, books piled upon books on the shelves, paper...oh paper, we find paper everywhere! They draw cute pictures and write sweet notes to each other and to Scott and I all the time which is wonderful, but heavens, I am constantly finding papers everywhere!

We haven't set the bassinet up yet or put the car seat in the car, but with this being baby number 5, we really don't feel the urgency in getting those things together early. The bassinet only takes about 15 minutes to set up and since the hospital is only a few minutes away and Scott will be going back and forth, we figure he can set it up once the baby has arrived, that way it's not taking up space in our bedroom until absolutely necessary. Scott could also run by walmart and get diapers on his drive from home to hospital if we still don't have any yet :).

Since I'm now full-term, I think I'm going to up my exercise. Though I probably will start doing that after Saturday when I have my maternity massage and I get to see my college roommates and their families...I don't want to miss that! I want to speed walk a couple of times a day and I think I'll do some Tae Bo again :). It seems every time I've had one of our babies, I was always exercising quite a bit that day....and a couple of times it was the day I had a doctors appointment where I requested to have them strip my membranes. I'm not sure if either one of those things is 'the reason' why, but I think mostly, baby was ready and those things just kinda helped move labor along.

I had my 37 week appointment. I'm now dilated to a two and 50% effaced! We did an ultrasound and though the baby is head down, she's not way down there just yet. According to the ultrasound, she's around 6 lb and 15 oz right now, though that can be off by half a pound either way, but that does say something since both Elisabeth and Jane were about 6 lb 12 oz when they were born and my other two were 7 lb 4 oz and 7 lb 13 oz. So, hopefully soon! We'll see!


Angela said...

We are all excited!!

The Horne's said...

YAY Elisa! I hope labor and delivery is a breeze for you. Can't believe how close we are. Hope this isn't TMI for the comments, but I think I have began to lose my mucus I'm hoping labor is on the way! I have never experienced this so I have no idea. :-D
I too have been nesting like crazy!