Thursday, March 8, 2012


I mentioned earlier that I taught a class recently for our stake relief society on family traditions. Preparing for this took a lot of time, but it was fun to go back through old blog books and gather lots of information I'd posted on traditions. I didn't realize we had so many! Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly traditions. Some of the one's I talked about were General Conference, Valentine's Day, father's interviews on fast Sundays, and I briefly shared some weekly and daily traditions as well. Above is a picture of the poster I put together with the help of a friend and her Cricut.

Speaking of traditions, after Scott and I watched the Christian movie Courageous(which we both really's about the importance of the role of a father), we discovered another tradition we want to copy...well not copy exactly but do something similar. One of the fathers in this movie has a daughter about dating age and there is a guy who is really interested in her and wants to take her out. The dad is getting nervous, wanting to protect his daughter from men he's not so sure of, and he decides to take his daughter on a date: they dress all fancy, go to a nice restaurant, and while they are there the dad tells his daughter how much she means to him and tells her that he'd like to be involved with who she's dating and be allowed to know about him and ask questions(probably to her and the guy) because he loves her so much that he wants to make sure he's an okay guy. She agrees and he then gives her a ring to wear on her ring finger until it's replaced by her engagement ring. This ring will serve as a reminder of that night and of the promise they made; it will also serve as a reminder that her dad loves her and treats her well and she needs to wait to find someone who will do likewise. I think he got her a diamond ring...with four girls in our family, we won't be doing diamonds, but I like the idea of having something tangible on her ring finger so that she can be reminded of the promise they made at that dinner. So maybe some other type of nice ring. :) Good idea, huh? I think so!


Gina said...

We really liked that movie, too and want to do a similar thing. I hope we remember in the next 6 years or so when we are actually going to need it.

Kimberlyn said...

My dad gave all of his girls a ring when we turned 15. Instead of diamonds it was our birth stone. He's carried on the tradition with his grand daughters now!

The Horne's said...

Yes, I LOOOOOVED that part of the movie! EVERY father needs to do that. Date their daughter, show them how they need to be treated etc. So great!!