Monday, March 26, 2012

Jane's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Jane! You are two-years-old! Annabelle keeps telling everyone we talk to that "My baby is having a birthday!" It's really cute :).

On the morning of her birthday she woke up and found her new water and sand table from us, a gift from Granny and Grandpa and a couple of letters and pictures from her siblings. I loved the notes from the kids. Elisabeth wrote out what Annabelle wanted to say. Elisabeth and Annabelle wrote things like, 'Jane we love you because.... you play barbies/house/read books with us' etc. They read them all to her that morning before breakfast. We ate waffles for breakfast, took the kids to school(they have been riding bikes because it's been beautiful outside, but this particular morning it was raining and stormy), came home, brought the water table into the kitchen, laid out a bunch of towels on the floor around it and then filled it up with water. Annabelle and Jane played in it for about an hour while I cleaned up after our birthday and breakfast mess. I also changed Jane's clothes three times during that hour because she didn't want to be wet and wanted clothes on. I was able to take off her shirt for awhile but she didn't like that very much. I think next time we'll put them in swimsuits when we play with the water table.

That night we went to a pizza buffet for dinner since Jane loves pizza. I'm pretty sure we went there for her birthday last year as well :). When we got home we sang 'Happy Birthday' and had cupcakes, the same one's we had for Annabelle's birthday last month that I froze and saved for this; which was actually Scott's idea and I loved it! The cupcakes still looked beautiful and tasted the same. Moist and everything!

This is a still shot I grabbed from the video I made. Unfortunately, we're just learning how to use the video camera on our new photo camera and I didn't know that the lighting from the window, just behind Jane, was causing that sandy look all over everything so I just kept videoing and didn't fix anything. Whoops! But she's still cute, even with the sandy/shady look. I'll put the 1 minute video clip at the end of this post. I love her cute voice and laugh!
Here are some things Jane is doing at two years of age:
-talking. She's saying all sorts of words and putting together two word sentences. Here are a few of the things she says often(though she really can say a lot more words): "Help me", "stop", "no", "pizza", "ball", "baby", "mommy", "daddy", "please", "daddy, go?" (meaning where did daddy go), "yeah", "A-belle" (for annabelle), "arey"(charlie), "bebe" (elisabeth)
-working on potty training. She went pee in the toilet the other day for the first time! we were very excited
-loves to dance
-can lead music. This is super cute to watch. when someone starts to play the piano at our house, she'll get up, walk over near the fireplace under the mantle and say, "reary"(ready) while she holds her hand up in the air and then she'll just wave it up and down.
-loves to read books. Her favorite book right now is Alice the Fairy.
-Loves to play with her siblings. This is something that has really developed over the past couple of months. She loves to be with them. She loves to play house, dolls, barbies, roll around in the grass with Charlie, go on swings with them, ride her car with them and just do anything they are doing. Annabelle and Jane play a lot together in the morning when both kids are at school, and when Charles gets home, they like to play a lot together, especially since it's been nice outside: they find bugs, collect rocks and play on the swing set a lot.
-Still loves her blanket(and the two fingers she sucks). And I love that she'll snuggle with us still, especially when she's got that blanket in her arms.
-Great eater and sleeper. She'll eat just about anything we give her(accept not really meat). Her favorites are probably breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, granola, yogurt, and she also loves pizza, all fruit, salad, green smoothies, cashews, cheese, guacamole and so much more.

Happy Birthday Janey! We love you!


Krissy said...

This is just the happiest thing ever. :)

The Horne's said...

Where did you get that little water/play thing? I love it, I want one for Brooklyn!!! So cute. And Jane is just so sweet. She's soooo cute!!!!
Hope you are feeling well!!! WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!

Elisa said...

Krissy, I know! Isn't she a doll?

Thanks Heidi for your kind words on this post and the last. I got the water and sand table at Costco just recently. They have them for $47 and they come with an umbrella too which will be nice when we put it outside. You can also get them on for less.