Wednesday, March 28, 2012

General Conference and Easter Preparations

General Conference and Easter are quickly approaching and I'm finding myself very busy trying to gather things and prepare for the two events. I used my last general conference post from October 2011 as a guide, and thankfully, had posted some links to different websites where I could find conference packets and other activities again. You can find them by clicking on the 'general conference helps' at the top of the page and then going to whatever age group you'd like for your packet. I printed those out today. I'll need to cut out my apostle cards this week. I also need to pick up some butcher paper so I can make a conference wall again, and I read about an idea in the Friend magazine where each child has their own poster sized butcher paper and can cut out pictures from old Friend Magazines while watching conference, and glue them on there to hang in their bedrooms until next conference. We're going to try that this year as well.

I've picked up a couple of snacks that I'm going to use for both Easter and General Conference. So far I have some fruit leather(found at Costco), a healthier version of animal crackers, and a healthier version of yogurt covered pretzels. I like to browse our local health food stores to see what they've got. But that can also be expensive so I don't do too much. I'm planning on making a couple of their favorite healthy desserts(mini pb cookies and maybe some popcorn or peanut butter popcorn) and putting them in Easter cellophane bags as well. I was at the dollar store the other day with Elisabeth and I saw a bunch of things that could easily go in Easter baskets as well: easter egg shaped sidewalk chalk, pack of 4 bubbles, hair ties, chapstick etc. I still need to get some 100% fruit juice capri suns, which were requested by my children, and I want to come up with some fun meal and snack ideas for conference.

Here is a list a friend gave me(which I revised a little) of other non-food ideas to put in Easter baskets.

Easter Basket and Egg filler ideas besides candy

Change (nickels, dimes and quarters)
Dollar Bills (you could save this for a grand prize, the egg that is really hard to find, or a golden egg)
Anything from the dollar store that will fit
The little pills that you put in water and watch grow. Grow Caps. These were my favorite as a kid.
Seeds (plant them together when Easter is over )
Yogurt Covered Raisins or Pretzels from health food store
Hot Wheel Cars
Hair ribbons and bows
Bouncy Balls
100% juice capri sun
Character Band-aids
Fruit Nuggets
Silly Bands
Small containers of bubbles
Coupons (You can make them: "Good for one extra bed time story, etc...")
Sea Shells
Legos (they have smalls sets, you could divide the pieces amongst different eggs)
Army men
Plastic Animals/Bugs
Pony Tail elastics
Mini nail polish
Lip gloss/ Chap Stick

Sidewalk chalk
Easter Stuffed animals
Small home-made treats like mini cookies(can put in clear plastic easter bags)

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The Horne's said...

Great ideas once again! I just got BK a easter basket this year from Big lots that was cheap and came with a big ball (she loves them to bounce) and side walk chalk! Which I figured she'd enjoy! These are all great ideas!