Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fevers and a sledding accident

Just over a week ago both Elisabeth and Charles got a fever. They were also lethargic, sleeping most of the day, and had little coughs but this only lasted about 24 hours and then it was gone. Annabelle and Jane got a fever a couple of days later with the same symptoms and the same length of time, maybe even shorter, and then it was gone. I think this is the mildest form of flu we've ever had. It was nice not to have any vomit or diarrhea involved and I'm glad it was very short lived :).

About a week later, just yesterday in fact, Scott took the three oldest sledding. It was their first sledding trip this year/season because we've had surprisingly little snow. They were all super excited to go. I figured with my size in pregnancy and difficulties with balance, I should probably stay at home, and I wanted to keep Jane with me since she's so little. I got nervous for the others just before they left so I gathered them all together and told them to please, please be careful and I asked Scott to only allow Annabelle to sled if she was with him...I didn't want her going down with her siblings. He agreed. And Annabelle came home injury free. Charles and Elisabeth on the other hand had an accident on their first run. They went to a place they'd never gone before that had stepper hills and the snow had been packed down by sledders the previous day so it was icy. Char and Elisabeth went down together and toward the bottom of the hill they tipped over and both of them smacked their faces on the ice. Charles mostly got it on his mouth and chin. One of his top teeth fell out, though it was a little loose before, so I think that was okay. His chin looks pretty bad. It bled some. Elisabeth hit her right cheek and near that same eye. Hers looked awful. It wasn't bleeding, but there are red scratches all over her cheek and the skin surrounding it was really red all day the first day. The area around her eye is swollen now. They're both looking a little better today and it's not hurting either one of them so we're grateful for that. Hopefully they'll both heal quickly and without scars.

Day 1
(I am really not happy with my camera. It SO does not come even close to capturing what these injuries look like. The lighting is awful and makes their scrapes looks wimpy. It takes horrible close-up shots. I've also dropped my camera so many times that it's taped together and doing even worse than it used to)
Day 2


The Horne's said...

Ouch! Did they continue to still sled? Or did they come home right after?

Elisa said...

Yes, they did. They stayed for about an hour. I think being out in the cold helped it numb up a bit. Once they were back inside our warm home, it started to hurt a little more.

Gina said...

I hate sledding. It terrifies me. Ben took the kids yesterday too and they all came home with some small injury - though definitely not as bad as Elisabeth's and Charles'. I told Ben they can't go sledding again without helmets - and yes I'm serious.